Trump Makes FOOLS of Democrats and Guarantees Election Win

Trump demonstrates the art of the deal again with his latest stroke of genius. The August Surprise is what his move should be called.

In his Executive Orders, President Donald Trump cut Democrats off at the knees. And as I said on my radio show and elsewhere, I DARE Democrats to fight him on this. Essentially, President Trump addressed all the Democrat wet dreams with his EOs. 

I wrote of Trump “Tanya Hardinging” the Democrats:

But Trump didn’t stop there (covering pre-existing conditions). He barbecued all the Leftists’ sacred cows.

Along with covering pre-existing conditions, the president announced these additional orders:

A payroll tax cut extended through end of year. This is money that goes directly into the pockets of millions of Americans and their employees. For those Democrats put out of work with the Wuflu “plandemic”, Trump extended enhanced unemployment benefits through end of year.

Along with these extended benefits, Trump extended the eviction moratorium. So nobody will be homeless for Christmas.

But Trump’s “trump card” continued. Look what he did for the kids.

Democrats have been trying to use student loan forgiveness as a campaign issue for decades. Trump took this off the plate by deferring student loans and interest through the end of the year.

Only the most deranged person would not support such actions.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stepped up to prove my point.

Pelosi blasted the four executive orders signed by President Trump for financial relief because of the Wuflu “plandemic”, quoting a Republican Senator who called the measure “unconstitutional slop.”

“No, in fact, what the president did is – I agreed what the Republican senator said – is unconstitutional slop,” Pelosi said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to comments made Saturday by GOP Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

“While it has the illusion of saying we’re going to have a moratorium on evictions, it says I’m going to ask the folks in charge to study if that’s feasible. While he says he’s going to do the payroll tax, what he’s doing is undermining Social Security and Medicare, so these are illusions.”

Well, illusions are what politicians have delivered for decades. So why shouldn’t Trump get some?

Not that Trump needed the help, but his illusions decapitated the Democrats. Yet again Trump showed that he can outfox the Democrats. He took all their toys and skipped home. Back to the White House.

And that will be his home for another 4 years.

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