Punxsutawney Joe Predicts Four More Years of Trump

You don’t have to be a psychic to know that President Trump will serve his second term. But it is fun watching Democrats pretend they have a shot with Joe Biden.

Some pundits now refer to the former Vice President Joe Biden as Punxsutawney Joe. Clearly a reference to the shy groundhog who emerges once a year to predict the weather. And like Punxsutawney Phil, Joe Biden remains hunkered down in his borough. Correction. His rat hole.

Some high-profile Democrats suggest “hidin’ Biden” is their best strategy. For those who believe this, the theory is that Trump will implode, given the chance. Ironically, this represents the same theory Democrats bought into during the 2016 election.

In 2016, Democrats believed the polls and their strategy so much, they actually said Texas was in play. Hillary Clinton stopped campaigning in battleground states as they wrongly believed they sewed up Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, to name a few.

Hillary Clinton essentially went on lockdown, as she dealt with her medical issues.

Biden’s run is no different. Still Politico suggested Biden remain in seclusion as Trump will be Trump:

“Trump is running against Trump. And it’s smart of Biden to not get in the way of that,” Hilary Rosen, a consulting partner of top Biden adviser Anita Dunn, said in echoing the sentiment in the campaign. “It’s become a referendum on Trump’s behavior.”

Democrats who were once alarmed that Biden needed to do more are suddenly perfectly happy with a schedule that keeps him as close as possible to his Wilmington, Del., home most days.

Trump acts trumpian, for sure. But that’s not good news for Biden, despite Politico’s spin. Americans know how Trump behaves. And they approve.

Trump behaves like a man who cares about the country, and the American taxpayers. And I find it incredible that Democrats believe they can run on known behavior against a man how has delivered on almost every promise.

The Biden camp claims creepy Joe’s strategy was safer than Trump’s.

“Since Joe Biden got in this race 14 months ago, he has offered a consistent vision for where this country needs to go and a clear contrast with Donald Trump on how he will get us there,” campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo said. ”You see it not just in how Vice President Biden speaks — offering a vision to unite this country, rather than Donald Trump’s divisive and erratic behavior — but in how he acts. Unlike Donald Trump, our campaign isn’t going to put our supporters in grave danger just because rallies are fun. We are campaigning aggressively, but smartly.”

“How Vice President Biden speaks?” Really?

Like when he tells black people, “You ain’t black” or when he hints that blacks are monolithic and easily trained to vote Democrat?

Or when he muddles through prepared written remarks about the economy that sound like Tourettes-like ramblings? That “speak,” is that the vision America wants?

And how about that recent call to Kamala Harris, where Joe read his remarks. That had to evoke excitement in Harris as Biden offered her the job of his running mate with the clarity of Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Nevertheless, Punxsutawney Joe manages to poke his head out of his Democrat rat hole from time to time to predict the future. And clearly the verdict this winter is 4 more years of President Trump.


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