Leftists Triggered Over Trump-Obama Swap

Donald Trump is the first modern-era human president since Reagan. Almost all other presidents have been frauds, save Gerald Ford.

To become president, candidates pretty much know that they must never reveal their true nature. And I’m not talking JFK-like shenanigans of screwing starlets, though that can’t help. I’m talking about substantive matters.

Because most other president were created by powerful people, they compromise themselves. So much so at times they don’t recall where their handlers end and where they begin.

Over the decades, Americans learned to accept that politicians are mostly liars; also tools of special interests. Thus, we selected what we consider the lesser of two evils. So, Democrats and Republican played, “Ok it’s your turn to be in charge for a bit”, while still promoting a singular interest of the elites. Regardless of which party is in charge, the American people get one result–crooked politicians.

Consider how rare it is for a party to have the presidency, the House and the Senate. The system is structured that way, perhaps rightfully so. Because either way, America marched steadfastly into the teeth of socialism, Marxism and ultimately communism. At least when there is bi-partisan politics, they slow down the march.

What I described is exactly how we got Barack Obama; easily the most prostituted president in modern history. Owned by everybody.

Worse, all style and you still couldn’t find his substance with an electron microscope. Further, fake to his polyester core.

But it took an Obama to get a Trump.

The election of Trump finally gave America a candidate who is real. Thus, the media were forced to define him as “boorish”, “uncouth”, “vulgar”, “unpresidential,” and many more unflattering things. Because Trump brought substance; and that exposed Obama’s lack thereof.

Leftists never stopped to think, “How could such a barbaric man achieve so much?”. They made up their minds about Trump, and nobody was changing.

They never asked themselves, “Does Trump not possess any good qualities?”. Because to achieve so much and become so iconic, one would certainly believe Donald Trump indeed possesses some decency.

Look at the pictures of Trump with so many powerful people and this before he was president. A billionaire socialite with no seriously bad flaws. Trump was popular as a real-estate mogul and reality TV star.

So what if he divorced a couple of times. And yes, some companies he owned filed bankruptcy. Big deal.

Socialites and politicians sought out his money, his endorsements, his partnership, and even his friendship. Then Trump did the unthinkable: he challenged the political elites by running as a Republican.

So let’s perform a thought experiment

Imagine if Obama and Trump switched pasts. How would the Left treat Trump the dope-smoking, cocaine-snorting piker whose mother acted like a tramp?

Next, imagine if Trump left Columbia University, and mysteriously got to Harvard without making the grades. When asked, he refused to produce the grades. How would the media and other Leftists treat Trump being less than forthcoming. More would scream, “His Daddy got him into Harvard and he didn’t deserve it!”.

And on the subject of fathers. Imagine if Trump’s father abandoned him?

Would they create a fake life for his father, glorifying his past as a goat-herder-turned Ivy League PhD? Or would they ridicule Trump’s humble beginnings?

And what if Trump got appointed president of Law Review on a technicality. Would they claim that his father bought his way into the position? Even still what if Trump squandered that position so badly, that after graduating from Harvard could only get ONE job offer. And that offer would entail working for a man now serving time in prison for fraud?

Now let’s examine Obama with Trump’s past.

In this scenario, the teetotaler, non-drug using, always sober Obama would graduate from Wharton with published grades. After graduation, Obama gets a loan from his doting father for $1,000,000. Obama then takes that cool million dollar loan and builds a multi-billion-dollar business. Not just a business, a brand. Would Leftists question or deride Obama’s loan, as they did Trump’s? Or would they jerk off over the beauty of Obama’s relationship with his father, and make a Hallmark channel story about it?

Next, Obama would make his brand synonymous with quality and excellence all over the world. Then, Obama parlayed business success into a career as a Hollywood reality show icon who dared to change the world by becoming president.

In case you didn’t realize it, either way Obama wins. And either way Trump loses, at least theoretically. But in reality, Trump is the real winner. Because Trump’s life is real. Obama lives a perpetual fraud. And no leftist fantasy rewrite can change that.



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