A Video Kamala Harris Wishes NEVER Surfaced

It won’t be long before former VP and never-to-be President Biden figures out how bad a decision selecting Kamala Harris was.

In considering Biden’s (or his handlers’) decision to select Harris, I have to remember that Biden is demented. Nevertheless , there is another possibility.

Biden selected Harris for the same reason Obama selected Biden. Obama needed somebody dumber than he. And equally gaffe-prone. Harris brings that to the Biden ticket in droves.

Check out this archival footage of Harris offending the youth vote:


Partial transcript:

“What else do we know about this population, 18 through 24? They are stupid. That is why we put them in dormitories, and they have a resident assistant. They make really bad decisions.”

While Harris’ statement may be true for the 18-24 demographic, the same can be said of Democrats in general. After all, they selected a demented candidate to run against the best president in modern history.

But what of Harris herself. Remember her “bad decision” surrounding Jussie Smollett?

Kamala Harris stood proudly in solidarity with Smollett on January 15, 2018 at Los Angeles’ Kingdom Day Parade. At that event, Smollett and his sister Jurnee wore shirts supporting the “Time’s Up” progressive protest movement. Of course the shirts were in reference to the bullsh*t, fake new narrative of Trump supporters being racist and homophobic.

The outcome of that lie is Kamala Harris joining with Cory Booker to sponsor additional “hate crime” legislation.

Harris believed America to be stupid enough to buy the obvious lie of Jussie Smollett. And in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Harris explained again how easy she lies.

Ask directly how she could pivot so quickly to support Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, Harris laughs and reveals her “truth”:


Colbert: In those debates you landed haymakers on Joe Biden. I mean they were, his teeth were like Chiclets all over the stage…and now I believe you, that you are fully supportive of him. How does that transition happen, how do you go from being such a passionate opponent on such bedrock principles for you, and now you guys seem to be pals?

Harris {laughing}: It was a DEBATE.

Colbert: Not everybody landed punches like you.

Harris {laughing}: It was a DEBATE

Colbert: So you didn’t mean it.

Colbert nailed it. “So you didn’t mean it.” Not a question, but a statement. Because Harris didn’t mean it.

What she did was pure theater in hopes of raising her political status. Harris is as disingenuous as they come.

I’ve described Harris as the Meghan Markle of politics. She will sleep with anybody and do just about anything, as long as it furthers her goals.

The good news for America is Biden won’t be president, thus she won’t be VP. The pinnacle of her career is her role as “running mate” for a soon to be three-time loser.

If Democrats were smart, they would ask themselves how they created such an embarrassing ticket. How did they back themselves so badly into a corner, that Biden-Harris represents the best of them?

Because for the rest of us, we clearly see how this occurred. Over the past few decades, Democrats drowned themselves in power. And the election of Obama emboldened them in ways one might think could never occur in a Democratic Republic.

The Democrat overreach over the past decade marvels that of communist and Marxist dictators. And despite America having a real champion for change, that overreach continues.

Forced lockdowns, mask mandates, discussion of mandatory vaccines, and much more are far worse than Draconian.

And while these unconstitutional actions continue, politicians like Kamala Harris laugh it off. Well, she will see soon that Americans don’t think our freedom is a laughing matter.



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