Video: Rioters Nearly Murder Portland Man

While anarchy rages on and police are pushed out, Portland rioters nearly murdered a man.

Be forewarned. These images are graphic.

Andy Ngo is the editor of the Post Millennial. Sadly, he chronicled the horrific moments before and after this attack. This is what leftism looks like up close and personal.

Clearly, the driver is trying to explain how he wrecked his car. These violent vigilantes took it upon themselves to search his vehicle and when the man tried to stand, he was shoved to the ground and beaten.

At one point, he’s sitting on the curb texting someone. And he is kicked unconscious.

Where’s the loving and tolerant left?

I’m confused. At what point do these rioters appear to be peaceful protestors? Heck, social distancing guidelines alone would’ve kept the man safe from bodily harm. You can’t beat the hell out of man who stands six feet away from you.

Where were the fears of covid? Because Trumpers absolutely cannot attend a rally without being called “selfish” and “a threat to public health.” I guess coronavirus lies dormant if you’re throwing punches.

#BLM or so they say…

And what of these cries of “black lives matter?” Paraphrasing Don Lemon, Colin Kaepernick and every other leftist tool, the BLM movement was started as a protest against police violence. So let’s get this straight. The rioters are burning down buildings, looting businesses, and destroying property right and left. Now, they’ve taken to beating the sh*t out of by-standers.

Take any parenting theory, educational theory, or motivational theory and they all share one aspect- a belief that people leading by example are the best roll models. We are supposed to use our actions more than our words. Apply that logic to BLM and it just doesn’t fit.

How does beating a man half to death inspire men to stop the spread of violence? But that is the leftist hypocrisy at it’s core.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end without a little police interaction.

In this video, you can hear one woman crying out “call 911, call 911.”

The unwanted police showed up and started processing the scene. As the car was towed, the angry crowd then accused police of protecting white supremacists. Apparently this crowd wanted to destroy the man AND his property.

This is a crisis folks. More than 80 days of consecutive protests are destroying Portland streets. Businesses and buildings are falling. And now human life is no longer of any importance. This is what happens when you exaggerate a virus so much, people are quarantined. They turn stir crazy. Add a side order of leftism, and you could die over a fender bender.

It doesn’t get much scarier than that.


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