WI Shooting: BLM’s Latest Showcase of Racism

I was out for a few days trying to unplug. But right as I left for this mini-vacation, I heard about a cop shooting an “unarmed” black man in Kenosha, WI. Supposedly the man was shot in the back quite a few times.

Of course, this story has all the trappings for Black Lives Matter to bring out the big guns.

It didn’t take long for LeBron James to chime in, and I also heard from Doc Rivers, coach of one of the basketball teams I no longer watch. Both “men” immediately went for Mama’s milk, touting racist America that allows cops to hunt and kill black men.

Apparently the game warden isn’t issuing licenses for cops to hunt and kill blacks in Chicago? Or Baltimore? Or did they issue all those licenses to other blacks?

Because a cop shooting a black man in Kenosha, WI must mean there is a shortage of black men to shoot.

Please allow me to pull an “Obama”, who famously said when Professor Gates complained of racial profiling in Cambridge, “The cop obviously acted stupidly.”

In my case, I will jump to conclusions and say, “The black perp obviously acted stupidly.”

How do I know this?

The same way I knew that Michael Brown Jr acted stupidly. From common sense.

You see, no white cop reaches out of his squad car and grabs a 6’2″, 300 pound black man by the throat. At least not one who doesn’t want to lose his arm. Even under the microscope of Obama’s crooked Department of Justice, Darrin Wilson was found innocent. Nevertheless, “hands up, don’t shoot” was born, as was the lie of Black Lives Matter.

I apply the same logic the situation in WI. Because no white cop this day and time will shoot an unarmed black person in the back multiple times unprovoked.

While the mainstream media is chomping at the bit to put any story out there, I prefer to wait until the truth fully unfolds.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Jacob Blake isn’t innocent in this altercation. There was indeed a struggle with the police before the shooting took place.

I’m not justifying the shooting, but consider this video from a different angle. Here we can see the chaos building before the shots were fired. There is absolutely no reason for a scene like this to unfold.

Further reports say police were aware that Blake had a warrant for his arrest. Further, he has a long history of run-ins with the police. His rap sheet includes charges for domestic violence and sexual abuse. In other words, they knew they were dealing with a seasoned criminal. Then, after yelling “drop the knife, drop the knife” over and over, shots rang out. Do leftists honestly believe it’s acceptable behavior to pull a knife on the police? I’m pretty sure this is Police Academy 101- someone tries to attack you, attack back.

So what is BLM’s angle here? Already the arrests made sparked more protests in Wisconsin. Subsequently, that led to even more arrests and one officer injured. In fact, protesters stormed the detention center overnight in an effort to “free the protesters” from lockup.

As Fox News explains:

The 11 people were held with probable cause for charges ranging from damage to property and unlawful assembly to rioting, Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson said in a Tuesday morning press release.

As many as 100 demonstrators congregated in front of the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center, where Hutchinson said they “broke windows at the detention center and threatened to breach the security of the jail.”

At least one officer was injured, suffering a broken hand during a confrontation with a protester, officials said.

I think it’s beyond time to put these protesters in their place.

“We believe that’s what brought the demonstrators to the jail,” Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Andy Skoogman told the outlet. “They were yelling and chanting to release those who had been arrested.”

According to the report, one person broke the glass to one of the jail’s entrance doors while a sheriff’s deputy was standing on the other side. Protesters also allegedly tried to block the garage from which inmates come and go and attempted to zip-tie some of the facility’s exterior doors.

These are not protesters. They are terrorists. And #BLM encourages these violent riots because, and they put it, they want reparations.

Black Lives DON’T Matter

Think about it. Why would a group that professes to defend the quality of life for all blacks encourage them to behave like criminals? If seeing black men in jail tugs at their emotions, why try so hard to get them arrested?

After the Chicago riots two weeks ago, a BLM Organizer defended their strategy.

The Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer who justified looting as “reparation” has doubled down — insisting this week that even calling someone a criminal is “based on racism.”

Ariel Atkins told WBEZ that her group “100 percent” supports the violent looters who trashed chunks of the Windy City on Monday, again repeating her claim that it is “reparations.”

“The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway,” she told the NPR station.

“Because criminality is punishing people for things that they have needed to do to survive or just the way that society has affected them with white supremacist BS,” she said.

Hmmm. So smashing some window to steal a TV is a survival tool? Good to know…

Meanwhile, Wisconsin is in trouble. And their only hope is Donald Trump.

Trump to the Rescue

Kenosha, Mayor John Antaramian did his best to restore peace to the streets. He went on TV and begged them to play nice. And by his own account, he wasn’t very successful in his venture to restore peace. Of course, if we learned anything from Obama, it’s that nice words stacked together in an inspiring speech don’t actually get the job done. You need a leader to affect change.

But Antaramian is a Democrat, and when it comes to leadership, liberals can’t fathom the logistics. And the Wisconsin governor was no help either. In fact, he was forced to admit that he’s powerless over these terrorists. Another Democrat unable to get the job done.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says Democrats practically encourage the violence.

“Unfortunately, Democrats like Joe Biden and even Gov. Evers here in Wisconsin have seemed to at least leapfrog the entire process,” he said. “And in a way, I believe have almost… encouraged people to go forward with the rioting, which is… causing incredible damage and harm to the people who live in that very community.”

Sad, but true. Democrats are destroying their own streets. However, Gov. Evers got one thing right. He called in the big guns. Now, Donald Trump is sending in the National Guard.

I’m sure Evers would prefer to eat broken glass than to ask Trump for help. Because Democrats hate to admit Trump’s ability to get things done. Especially this close to election day. But watching these Democrat leaders grovel to the President is more fun than a day at Disneyland.





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