World Leader PRAISES President Trump

President Trump’s exploits may be under-reported by the media; however they do not go unnoticed.

As I’ve witnessed in a few countries, President Trump is considered a stud. When I was in Paris, I spoke to many French citizens who raved about Trump. Most criticized the French president Macron, describing him as feckless as Obama. 

The same was true when I spoke with contacts in Canada. They were equally critical of Trudeau. Understand that early in Trump’s tenure as president, the media pretended to rave about both these “boys among men”. Trust me, French and Canadian citizens would give their pancreases to have Trump as their leader.

Trump earned the status given undeservedly to Obama when Obama traveled abroad for the first time. Remember those crowds? At the end of Obama’s tenure, he couldn’t gather enough supporters to throw a decent house party.

But for Trump, things are different. World leaders admire America’s best modern-day president. Take for example Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen.

She praised Taiwan’s relationship with the United States under the Trump administration, commenting that the two nations have “never been closer.”

Tsai made the remarks during a speech she gave to the Hudson Institute.

“Taiwan has become a full-fledged democracy. Our 23 million people have the right to determine our own futures, which is antithesis to the position Beijing has taken,” Tsai said. “Consequently, we must ensure that cross-strait interactions do not jeopardize our freedoms, democracy, and way of life. The people of Taiwan expect nothing less from their democratically elected government.”

“Upholding these principles requires us to be able to defend Taiwan against coercive actions,” Tsai continued. “It entails backing up our words with actions. And this is precisely what I have in mind as I preside over the current round of capacity building of our military. I am pleased that working together with our legislature last year, we unveiled our largest ever defense budget, reaching 2.3% of our GDP. I fully expect that this number will continue to grow, but what will be equally important is ensuring that these resources are being spent on the right capabilities. This is why I am committed to accelerating the development of asymmetric capabilities under the overall defense concept.”

Tsai Ing-Wen is not the only fan of Trump.

Truth be told, hardly any world leader doesn’t admire Trump. His no-nonsense approach to government has all of them rethinking their approaches to nationalism, immigration, the economy, trade policy, and even pandemics.

And who wouldn’t admire the man who rebuilt Obama’s pathetic economy. Trump resurrected manufacturing in America as Obama claimed the “new norm” was loss of these jobs.

While Obama gushed manufacturing jobs, losing 17,000 more his last year in office, Trump gained 400,000 his first year.

On trade, while the G-7 postured, Trump put them on notice that the gravy-train was decommissioned. No longer would America be the whipping post for trade. In the end, all the G-7 trading partners admitted that Trump negotiated the better deal.

USMCA reveals all you need to know about trade with Canada and Mexico. Out with the job-leaking NAFTA and in with the job-securing, trade-balancing USMCA.

Remember the posturing Trudeau did on trade when Trump gave him the new deal? Hot Air wrote:

“…in the game of diplomatic chess, this round clearly seems to have gone to Trump. (NY Post)

The US and Canada reached a deal late Sunday on reforming the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to reports.

Canada agreed to join the revised trade deal that the US and Mexico had signed last month — just hours before a midnight deadline, that allows Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto to sign the accord on his last day in office, two people familiar with the talks told The Washington Post.

The new treaty is expected to be signed by President Trump and his counterparts in Canada and Mexico within 60 days — preserving a three-country NAFTA trade pact.

But Trump wins in lots of areas, including and most importantly in nationalism.

Despite what the media reports, Trump is uniting America. Certainly Democrats do their part to create chaos, as Leftist-run cities burn. But that destruction plays into Trump’s strategy of why Democrats can’t be in charge.

Soon even the most detached non-political citizens will vote against Democrats. And we will have Trump’s leadership to thank.

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