Biden Doesn’t Disappoint: MAJOR Gaffes in Campaign

Recently, CNN spread a rumor that Donald Trump suffered “mini” strokes. And of course the story was fake news.

The revelation came in yet another anti-Trump book that will soon be bonfire fuel. The author claims to offer details about an unannounced hospital visit last fall.

The president tweeted Tuesday

“It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes,” Trump tweeted. “Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS.”

If you understand Leftists, then you know why CNN spread this rumor: because Joe Biden is actually sick. And that’s no secret.

In fact, as I previously pointed out, even leftists polls can’t cover for Biden anymore.

I wrote about Biden emerging from his bunker recently. Forced to come out because the polls show him getting his ass kicked by Trump.

The “wait and see”, “hidin’ Biden” strategy clearly failed, as Trump was destroying Democrats at every turn.

It didn’t take Biden long to showcase his dementia.

In Biden-speak, Old Joe demonstrated why he will never be president, and why Democrats should never be trusted in picking candidates.

Blathering idiocy is what America witnessed and heard, akin to “You know, the thing!”

Can you imagine if Trump said something so incoherent? How the media would relentlessly pounce on him!

Yet, hardly a peep from the mainstream media. Obvious signs of brain dysfunction, as Biden couldn’t even read the teleprompter. Worse, his ability to recover his thoughts didn’t exist.

In an interview with Hillary Clinton seen by dozens, Biden appears to fall asleep.

That’s one helluva “pregnant pause”, if Biden isn’t actually sleeping. He never looks up to acknowledge Clinton.

In his defense, Hillary Clinton could put a 5-year old hyped-up on sugar and a shot of adrenaline to sleep.

Americans can expect a daily dose of Biden gaffes with his emergence to actually campaign. And the world will see the Democrats’ desperation to pick a fool as their candidate.

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