Biden Heckled: Admits He Can’t Beat Trump

I will give Joe Biden credit. When he has his temporary moments of lucidity, he occasionally answers truthfully.

At this campaign stop in Duluth Minnesota, Biden gets heckled leaving the event attended by…dozens? A man yells over the “crowd”, “Don’t forget to take your meds!”.

He then yells for Biden to “Go home!”

Before Biden goes to get in the limo, he decides to greet a man near the heckler. See if you hear what I heard:

The interesting exchange happens around 25 second, where the heckler says, “You don’t have a chance, Joe. You don’t have a chance, Joe!”

Biden then answers, “Probably not, but if I do…I’ll come find you.”

At least that what I think he says.

Next, The heckler ends with, “You’re too long in the basement!”

Biden then turns to go to the limo to his next stop.

Yikes, that’s more embarrassing than Joe’s parade. But at least it’s not quite as bad as when Joe said: “If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be — it’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk.”

My takeaways

First, small crowd.

Actually, for Biden this was a huge crowd. But by Trump standards, that crowd was a bust. I doubt there were 200 people at the event. Frankly, I’d love to see how many people attended this event…unpaid. One woman is heard loudly in the background. So much so, that I’d bet she was a paid shill.

I’ve been to a few Trump events, and there is NO way Trump can enter and leave like Biden did. Trump would be mobbed in a good way.

Second, Biden looked like a man running for state legislator or perhaps county commissioner.

Presidential candidates should have huge crowds, and Biden clearly didn’t. No crowd, no enthusiasm. And that enthusiasm gap will show at each stop. I’m sure the Trump team has an operative documenting these Biden events.

Third, why no pushback on the heckler?

When a guy is calling out your candidate like that, the crown usually turns on the heckler. Nobody did. There are boos, but I believe these to be from the heckler and a friend booing Joe. But nobody in that crowd pushed back on the heckler. At a Trump rally, people would have made it clear that naysayers should go. No violence. But you can definitely expect chants of “USA!”

Fourth, the familiarity with which people referred to the former Vice President.

One man is clearly heard saying, “How are you doing, Joe?”

Is this the way people greet the person they want to be the leader of the free world? The lack of respect for Biden was clear, at least in my opinion.

Fifth, I will give Biden credit for not challenging the heckler to a fight.

Or calling him a dog-face pony soldier. Clearly somebody worked on Biden’s “crowdside” manor. His dementia meds paid off here. Because Biden is quick to anger when challenged.

Finally, if Biden has indeed hit the campaign trail in earnest, he will tire out soon.

Admittedly, he looked good at this stop, likely his first stop of the day. But as the day wears on, so it will wear on Old Joe. And that’s when things will go really bad for Team Biden.

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