Biden’s Latest RACIST Screw Up

Joe Biden screwed up again. But that’s what happens when you are a demented racist speaking down to black people.

Forced from the security of his basement bunker, Biden emerged to do damage control. Trump is whooping Biden’s feeble ass, so desperate Democrats authorized the release of Biden.

And the former Vice President of the most corrupt administration in history didn’t disappoint.

Like clockwork, Biden traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin for the latest media-created hotbed of racism. In that city a black rapist, Jacob Blake got himself shot by white cops. Send in the clown.

The Democrats dispatched Biden to offer reparations to the rapist and a reprimand to the white cops who hunted Blake. The backdrop? Where else but a black church.

The event was so hyped up that hardly anybody showed. Honestly, Biden’s security detail outnumbered the participants. Moreover, why does Biden need a security detail, except to make sure he doesn’t get lost. Nobody wants to kill Mr. Magoo. Seriously, he’s too fun to watch!

At the church, Biden was to deliver a rousing speech condemning the actions of police.

“How dare they shoot this young man? In his prime. He reminds me of Corn Pop. And the kids who used to rub my legs. They liked how the hair turned blonde in the sun.”

Biden’s role was to praise the young black thug as a youngster who had a bright future. You know, “on his way to college so he could be somebody.” Like Corn Pop.

Instead however, Biden’s speech that was to address the racial divide and remind them, “You ain’t black.” But things took an interesting turn.

Biden jerked the steering wheel and veered off course. No longer following the Leftist talking point, Biden drifted into talking about tax inequality at one point. And as if he got a jolt to his shock-collar, Biden stopped himself from laying out his tax policy. He commented, that if saying if he goes on any longer “they’ll shoot me.”

Biden clearly forgot his mission, as he went to his stump speech. Then, ZAP!

Try to understand all the heartfelt sentiment that went into Biden’s supposed consoling of Blake and his family. He cared so much for Blake that his demented mind meandered to his stump speech. I’m sure Biden riveted the family when he jumped the median into tax policy, as young Blake sat in his wheelchair, paralyzed from being shot.

Where is the second camera angle to show the shock on the faces of these black people as they wondered, “Wtf?!”

And who was Biden worried would shoot him?

Recall when Biden made his previous blunder on Charlamagne da God’s show? At the end of that show he said he needed to leave or he was in trouble.

Biden always seems to think he will be in trouble. With whom? Is Jill spanking that ass when the old codger gets home? She could be hitting the old man with a sack full of oranges so he doesn’t show the bruises?

I think Child Protective Services needs to investigate Biden’s situation. Because evidently the man is taking a beating. At the very least he’s being threatened. Remove him from the potential violence…QUICK!

Biden can’t do or say anything, it seems, without worry of reprisal. Will he last the next couple of months? Who knows.

But at the end of the journey, Biden does have an ass-kicking waiting. From Trump.


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