Black Woman EXPOSES Democrats and Biden

This interaction between Biden and this black woman exposes much about Democrats. Like their real base as well as their devious nature.

First, notice the crowd. Actually, the lack of a crowd. And that paltry crowd is not simply because of social distancing.

Biden is in a black church, a stalwart of Democrat voters. Yet, hardly anybody turned out to see the potential next president of the United States.

A guy tweeted this picture outside the church:

I’m outside the church in Kenosha where Joe Biden will be having a “community” meeting. Quite a contrast to the throngs of people who turned out to see President @realDonaldTrump.

The next issue that poses the bigger problem for Biden and the Democrats:

A young black woman gets up and approaches the microphone. She’s been given something to say that is scripted.

As she approaches the microphone, Biden says that somebody has been bragging about her. He tries to compliment her, knowing that she has a scripted comment.

Once the woman arrives at the microphone, she decides to tell the truth:


Hello my name is Portia Bennett, I’m just gonna be honest Mr. Biden I was told to go off this paper but I can’t. We need the truth. And now I’m part of the truth.

{Biden: Sure}

I was born here, raised here, first 8th grade class of the school that was named after his mother.

So I have to give you the truth of the people. And the truth of the matter is we are heavily angry. Not angry as to where people say oh they are protesting, there are…There’s a difference between a protester and a rioter; a very big difference.

I can only imagine the surprise of the Democrats to hear this young black woman speak truth. Her inference is huge, because she’s pointing the finger of blame at Biden and the Democrats.

If Democrats believe they have blacks snowed, they need to rethink their strategy. This young woman exemplifies the 40 percent of blacks I believe will vote for Trump. A whopping 500 percent increase over his 2016 numbers.

Blacks are sick and tired of chaos. And the Democrats put chaos icing on a chaos cake. Because black Leftists bathe in chaos on a daily basis. Which is why Democrats must script questions for them. Set the narrative for what Democrats believe are the stupid voters.

But it won’t work. Because now the damage hits home. The Leftist black community suffers at the lack of leadership with Democrats. Expect the outcry at the voting booth to have all the subtlety of a fog horn.

Consider the next time Democrats attempt to script a question from a black person? Can they trust that the person will stay on script?

And as you consider that, ask yourself how many times the questioner merely read what they asked him or her to read? How much can blacks believe, when they see other blacks ask their question? Who’s really the Step ‘n Fetchits?

Do you think Trump needs to stage his questions? Or is it only “hidin’ Biden” who isn’t ready to face tough questions?

Don’t be fooled into thinking these disgruntled blacks only exist in Kenosha. That’s what Democrats try to believe. But it’s merely wishful thinking. Portia Bennett speaks for blacks across the nation, as they no longer want to watch their cities burn to the ground- whether the disaster comes from actual fire or proverbial flames.

Democrats have yet to denounce Antifa. And clearly they are bed-buddies with the racist terrorist group BLM. How long will this last? We will see.


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