Check out Biden’s Messed Up Videos

Former Vice President Joe Biden embarrasses the Democrats. And they know it. Honestly, he embarrasses America.

No serious person wants this clown to be president. Look at his latest public appearance explaining “Covid”.

“COVID has taken this year, just sinthe outbreak, has taken more than 100 year—look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s, er, I mean, y’think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.”

What the HELL was that gibberish?

No wonder many people believe Biden taped his acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention.

Biden is incoherent, because he is a demented moron. Yet Democrats pretend to be happy. I say pretend, because Jack Posobiec tweeted about the number of people who appeared to hear Biden’s big speech in Pittsburgh.

Holy Mother of Solitude, look at that pathetic turnout. I don’t see 100 people. And this is not the very beginning, but SHOW TIME!

Remember Tulsa? Where Trump was ridiculed by the Left for only having over 6,000 people come to see him? What say you about this, Democrats?

Please allow me to answer for them. Biden has never drawn a crowd. When he began in Iowa, he drew another anemic number.

The Des Moines Register published dozens of photos from the event. But all the participants are tightly gathered to make the attendance look bigger than it was. Nevertheless, we have the proof, as the photo published on Twitter was shot from the back of the room.

Biden is just not popular

PJ Media noted in May of this year,

The 2016 election was notoriously hard to predict thanks in part to the “silent” Trump voters. A key shift came just a week before Election Day when Hillary Clinton became more unpopular than Trump for the first time during the election cycle. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden may face an even more difficult race against Trump this year, particularly because he’s not just less popular than Trump — he’s also less popular than Clinton was in May 2016.

A new Civiqs/Daily Kos poll released on Wednesday found that 55 percent of Americans view Trump as “unfavorable,” while 43 percent view him as favorable, giving Trump a negative 12 percent approval rating.

In the same poll, however, 56 percent of Americans view Joe Biden unfavorably, while only 34 percent view him favorably, giving the Democrat a negative 22 percent approval rating.

This is astonishing, not just because Biden is more unpopular than Trump by about 10 percentage points, but because he is also far more unpopular than Hillary Clinton was at this point in 2016, according to the Huffington Post’s survey of polls.

It’s difficult to be less popular than Hillary Clinton. But Biden has succeeded. Further, he’s also more unpopular than President Trump, which will continue through the election.

Things get worse for Biden

As National Review observed,

The RealClearPolitics average had Clinton +6.5 in Wisconsin on Election Day. In August, she had been +11.5. Not a single poll featured on RCP during the 2016 campaign showed Trump winning the state. Biden has a + 3.5 average right now — which is to say, he is underperforming Clinton in the middle of a pandemic and economic collapse.

So understanding the fake polling of 2016, do the math to extrapolate where Biden really polls.

The article continues delivering bad news for Biden:

This is the case in a number of battleground states. What happens if the coronavirus continues to ebb or the economy starts rebounding over the next couple of months? A new CNBC poll finds that as serious concerns about the coronavirus fell in six 2020 battleground states, approval of Trump’s handling of COVID-19 rose.

As more people understand the ruse played with this virus, the worse things will get for Biden. But he has another problem of his party’s creation:

This average, incidentally, was taken before the Kenosha riots. As Wisconsin’s Dan O’Donnell points out to me, many Republicans in the state believe the August 2016 riots in Milwaukee over the shooting death of Sylville Smith (eventually ruled to be justified) played a role Trump’s win. It was around the time the race began to tighten. “Milwaukee is seen outstate as being wholly unlike the rest of the largely rural population because of its crime and Democrat policies,” O’Donnell says. “If people in, say, Appleton and Oshkosh (the other big swing area) and the heavily red suburbs think Milwaukee-style rioting could come to their cities next, Democrats are in big trouble here.”

The riots sunk the already water-logged Democrats. And as the video above shows, Biden won’t do well in debates. He can’t even handle softball interviews.

But he is what Democrats wanted. And as the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for.”






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