Democrats Prepare for the October Surprise

Allow me to save Leftists the suspense. Democrats have no October surprise. And Trump doesn’t need one.

Still some say that a vaccine for the Chinese flu may be around the corner. Thus, the October surprise.

A new report suggests a coronavirus vaccine might receive approval before the trials end. In other words, before the election.

The Director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn appears willing to bypass the normal approval process and fast-track the approval.

Frankly, this cure is much ado about nothing, and Democrats know it. Certainly the latest quietly-released CDC report discounting the number of actual Chinese Wuflu deaths should be considered. In case you missed it, the CDC admitted that only 6 percent of the reported Chinese flu deaths are actually exclusively related to the virus. Hardly a pandemic.

So, rushing Phase 3 (human testing) trials seems unnecessary.

According to some polls in swing states, 66 percent of Americans have concerns around the virus. Frankly, this proves that Leftists can panic citizens with fake reports, more than it validates mortality of the virus. So any potential “cure” should be understood to be purely political.

Nevertheless, the supposed cure very well could give President Trump a bump. Because voters will perceive Trump as making the cure happen in record time.

And what of going back to “normal”? The Left will be powerless to discuss mask mandates and social distancing, as people demand to return to their previous lives. Eating out, attending sporting events, going to church, to name a few things.

Again, Trump looks like the hero, if these things do happen. Not that he needs the bump.

If you believe Biden is ahead, then I suggest you see Biden’s neurologist. But even the fake news polls showed that Trump narrowed the supposed gap over Biden’s fake ass lead.

Trump still has surprises

Besides the obvious, fake polls, Trump has much more at his disposal. Because Democrats will continue to be Democrats. And their top dog escaped his cage.

President Trump already began trolling Joe Biden. He ridiculed Biden’s need for a mask. And he’s also called out the former VP for not proving he is capable of competing.

“We should both take a drug test,” Trump chided Biden by way of the Democrats’ lapdog media. Don’t expect to hear much about this, except from Trump. But as I wrote on this, Trump won’t let up. Biden will face this issue until the first debate, at least.

And what of Trump’s latest move of threatening to remove funding from states who allow defunding the police? Just the mention of that sent Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York into a lather. Cuomo got so worked up, he declared that Trump would need an army to visit New York.

The White House issued a scathing rebuke of Cuomo. But the rebuke was for the Democratic Party.

Next, what of the news of John Durham’s second target? This subject will hound Democrats through the election and most certainly after it.

We have closing polls, enthusiasm gaps, and a second Trump-created economic boom. Meanwhile, Biden remains stuck in Wuflu land and wants to blame riots on the pro-law enforcement president.

October needs no surprise for Trump to win. And if Democrats used the story in The Atlantic as a trial run, #MassiveFail.

It looks like the October Surprise was killed by the “Coronavirus”.



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