More Dirt on Crooked Comey’s FBI

America knows the truth about Hillary Clinton and her crooked family. And we also know that crooked James Comey covered for her.

We are close. We know the FBI covered for Comey. And now we just need a bit more knowledge of specific crimes the Obama administration FBI covered up for the Clinton Mafia. And it’s coming, like this revelation.

According to Zero Hedge, the FBI played fast and loose with the emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop:

FBI agent John Robertson, the man who found Hillary Clinton’s emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, claims he was advised by bosses to erase his own computer. 

Former FBI Director James Comey, you may recall, announced days before the 2016 presidential election that he had “learned of the existence” of the emails on Weiner’s laptop.

Standard move by the FBI, right Comey?

Like Bleach-Bitting your servers and destroying phones and hard drives with hammers. Apparently, anything is game when Comey needs to cover for the next president?

And what did we learn recently about the Mueller team?

Taking a page out of Comey’s playbook, the Mueller team erased messages from their cell phones, wait for it…accidentally.

More than 15 phones belonging to the investigative team of then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller were wiped before they were handed over to the Office of the Inspector General to be examined for proof of potential bias.

Mueller and his team were investigated by the Department of Justice for alleged biased in its pursuit of any proof that Trump or his administration colluded with Russia.

The investigation concluded that there was no bias but as part of it, Mueller’s team was told to hand over cellphones. Many had been wiped of their data.

Among the reasons given was that people had forgotten their passcodes, there was irreversible screen damage or people had lost them.

Andrew Weissman, Mueller’s deputy, ‘accidentally wiped’ his phone on two occasions after entering the wrong passcode too many times in March 2018, and lawyer James Quarles’ phone ‘wiped itself’ without his intervention, the documents claim.

The article continues,

Robertson alleges that the manner in which his higher-ups in the FBI handled the case was “not ethically or morally right.”

His startling claims are made in a book titled, “October Surprise: How the FBI Tried to Save Itself and Crashed an Election,” an excerpt of which has been published by the Washington Post

Makes sense.

Because Comey was certainly caught between a rock and a hard place: save face or save Hillary Clinton. As far as decisions go, Comey did the best he could.

So he took America through the torturous explanation of all that Clinton did wrong. Then dropped the bomb that it didn’t rise to a prosecutable level.

Well played, James!

The article continues, alleging a delay to allow for the cover-up:

Robertson alleges that the FBI did nothing for a month after discovering Clinton’s emails on the Anthony Weiner laptop.

It was only after he spoke with the U.S. Attorney’s office overseeing the case, he claims, that the agency took action.

“He had told his bosses about the Clinton emails weeks ago,” the book contends . “Nothing had happened.”

“Or rather, the only thing that had happened was his boss had instructed Robertson to erase his computer work station.”

This, according to the Post report, was to “ensure there was no classified material on it,” but also would eliminate any trail of his actions taken during the investigation.

America’s hopes hinge on the work of John Durham. At this point he would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to miss the crimes. Surely he sees what we all see.

Thus, Americans demand justice; real justice. No more pseudo-justice or slap-on-the-wrist these crooked politicians get away with. A signal must be sent to legislators that truly no one is above the law.

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