DISGUSTING! Netflix Normalizes Pedophilia for Profits

If you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen this.

Netflix has officially crossed the line, and it’s high time we teach them a lesson.

To be honest, this is a subject I tried to avoid digging into. Because it’s uncomfortable. And because I have seven kids that are almost grown and two grand-daughters, and I promise I would invoke my second amendment right if anyone even suggested they take part in something like this. I can barely type the words without my stomach churning and my heart pounding.

Normalizing Pedophilia.

There, I typed it. But I don’t understand why this is even an issue in our society. I thought we were some of the most advanced people on the planet. And yet we’ve decided to turn our children into sex objects? And for what? Some slimy ratings? Does everything in our world come down to the dollars? If so, that just doesn’t make sense to me. When did we lose our family values? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m pretty sure it started when leftism took over mainstream America.

If you’re wondering what started this rant, a family member shared a post on Facebook today that made my blood boil.

An article posted on “Not the Bee” exposed Netflix for the vile company they’ve become.

According to Seth Dillon:

Clips of the Netflix film “Cuties” are circulating around the internet, and they are worse than anyone imagined.

Here is a sickening sequence from the film, featuring 11-year-old girls twerking, touching each other, dancing in sexually provocative ways, and doing other things no child should do (you’ve been warned).

The girls (CHILDREN) who starred in this film were criminally exploited by adults. And it’s openly available on the world’s biggest streaming service.

 Proud Parents?

I spent the last few hours at the junior high football game. One of my sons was playing running back and my youngest daughter was cheering. As I watched, I couldn’t help but think of all those cheesy bumper stickers like “Proud Mom of an Honor Roll Student,” or “Proud Dad of a Marching Band Member,” or “my kid and my money both go to the same college.” My thought process quickly took me back to Dillon’s article. And I wondered, would the parents of those little girls be willing to plaster that on their back windshield for all the world to contemplate in traffic? Proud parents of a porn star in training? Or how ’bout “we sold our daughter for a movie credit and a little bit of cash.”

Of course, these girls are “unknowns.” So Netflix got them cheap. And they’ll get just enough money and fame to want more.

Be A Star

The sad thing is, these little girls won’t even know how abnormal it was to be pimped out to a sleazeball director. Because it will seem normal to them. Isn’t that what all the child-star tragedies have in common?

I’m reminded of the two Coreys. I grew up in the 80s, where Corey Haim and Corey Feldman graced the silver screen countless times.

Eventually, stories of drug addictions and bad choices cast them out of the Hollywood elite circle. Several years back, they showed up again. This time, as stars of their own reality show. Feldman was living the married life, and Haim showed up to bring a little trouble back to town.

I won’t lie, I watched it. Even my husband watched it. I can get a little caught up in the reality TV. I think because it’s so far from reality, it’s amusing. Nevertheless, it wasn’t log before news broke that Haim was dead. Way too young to die of natural causes.

Since then, Feldman dedicated his life to exposing Hollywood for the cesspool that led to molestation, rape, illicit drugs, addictions, and all the things we never want to see our children consumed by. I have to assume the parents of the Netflix girls missed Feldman’s story. Along with every common sense lesson life has to offer.

Sure, it’s exciting to think our children could be stars someday. But fame isn’t worth sacrificing family.

Shine Bright

I’m reminded of another child star gone wrong. Lindsey Lohan once headlined a cute little movie called “Life Size.” Tyra Banks was her doll that came alive, and together they learned about life, friendship and all that feel-good gooey stuff in the PG movies. My daughter loved that movie. In fact, we’d watch it, and she’d sing the songs at the end. “Shine bright, shine far, be a star!” It was all kinds of cute. A few years ago, the sequel was a complete let down as it turned Hollywood treasure into Hollywood trash.

And Lohan’s career is another child-star gone wrong song. It makes me glad that we didn’t put our daughter in the rat race. She’s a talented singer. She’s been on TV, even American Idol. But she wanted a normal childhood. With football games and prom dresses. She was content to be small-town famous. Maybe one day she’ll sell out stadiums. Or maybe she’ll be the crown jewel of central Texas. Either way, we didn’t sell her to a director or ask her twerk when she was ten. If there’s a bumper sticker for that, I’ll take one.

As for Netflix, expect them to spiral further down the black hole of morality. As long as people keep buying, they’ll keep pushing the limits until we have no boundaries left.


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