EXPOSED: Durham’s Next Trophy for Trump’s Wall

We know who John Durham has in the cross hairs after Kevin Clinesmith’s plea.

Remember that Clinesmith is the first trophy Durham placed in Trump’s trophy room. Clinesmith pled guilty to forging a FISA document. And as predicted, he started singing like a canary.

And as with all pleas, you can’t give up a person lower. No prosecutor settles for underlings. No, you must give up somebody higher. This is why Mafia bosses kill everybody in the food chain below them in the event of a massive bust.

Sadly for the Democrats, the Clinton Cartel lost its power years ago. Thus, they no longer have the juice to issue sanctions. This factoid cleared the way for Clinesmith to point the finger at his former boss Andrew Weissman.

Paul Sperry tweeted about this development:

DEVELOPING: Clinesmith committed his crime of forging FISA email under Andew Weissmann’s direction. He altered evidence AFTER Mueller had appointed Weissmann as his chief prosecutor in early June 2017. At the time,Clinesmith was reassigned to Special Counsel,i.e. Weissmann’s team

Weissman the wiener. The Mueller probe was simply to get Trump.

Red State wrote:

“…while appearing, he managed to let slip what the Mueller investigation was basically all about.

Weissmann, perhaps not realizing what he was doing, starts by likening Trump to an Italian leader that they were trying to “get rid of.” He then goes into a tough guy routine lamenting the fact that Trump wouldn’t sit down for an interview with him, thereby robbing Weissmann of the chance to catch him in a perjury trap. Past that, even his descriptions of Trump in this clip show his biases front and center.

But look, perhaps my headline isn’t accurate for a lot of us. Is it really stunning that Weissmann essentially admits the Mueller probe was a shot to take out Trump? Not really, as it’s been easily ascertainable for years that there was no other real purpose. Nearly all of the stuff dealing with Russia was already widely known. Mueller and his team basically just copied the work of others, from the original, questionable IC report, to newspaper articles. Mueller and Weissmann also knew over a year earlier that Trump had not colluded with Russia but they purposely held that information past the 2018 election.”

Weissman is the Democrats prosecutorial attack dog. And his record with Enron should have eliminated him from any possibility of work in government.

Sydney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney wrote of Weissman’s malfeasance and criminal activities related to Enron:

The minute they unsealed the indictment, they destroyed Andersen and its 85,000 jobs worldwide. That was exactly what they intended — and it was all a power play. The Supreme Court unanimously reversed Andersen several years later — not just because of the jury instructions, but primarily because Caldwell and Weissmann made up a crime. They indicted Andersen for conduct that was not criminal.

Does anyone see a problem with that? Ask the 85,000 employees who lost their jobs and the partners who did nothing wrong and lost everything.

Reporting on Weissmann’s departure, NPR quoted Kathryn Ruemmler — another priceless choice. Ruemmler was Weissmann’s protégé on the Enron Task Force — in my . It took six years to uncover the evidence they had hidden that showed the defendants were innocent.

Again, Weissmann and Ruemmler contrived a crime, but this time, they sent four Merrill Lynch executives to prison for up to a year on an indictment criminalizing innocent conduct. At the same time, they hid evidence they had yellow-highlighted before the trial that directly contradicted their witnesses and showed the defendants were innocent. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held that Weissmann, Ruemmler and company “plainly suppressed” evidence favorable to the defense.

Like with Enron, the minute the sh*t was about to hit the fan, Weissman bailed. MSNBC was all too happy to provide the disgraced prosecutor a new home.

But not for long it appears.


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