Jill Biden PUMMELED for her Tweet about Science

Democrats are as predictable as they are morons. And I chuckle at their election strategy, part of which revolves around “science”.

Remember when Baby Black Jesus declared that global climate change was “settled science”? Sure. Because the man who said of the Professor Gates incident, [pp] “I don’t know the details, but I know that the cop acted stupidly,” knows settled science.

Science bought and paid for by the very same scientists who now admit they fudged the numbers to get that “research” funding.

Also, Obama regaled America with this classic line on when asked when a human being becomes a human being. He responded, “That’s above my pay grade.”

Despite the science that no man or woman (or other gender) living or dead has ever skipped CONCEPTION!

Now, Joe “Captain Demento” Biden wants to use science as a campaign tool. The science that we are all doomed from global climate change. And the science of the Wuflu “scamdemic”.

Not to be outdone, the woman who really wants to be president, “Dr.” Jill Biden chimed in.

She posted a tweet Tuesday imploring Americans to “vote for science”. Before we show how social media reacted, understand the credentials of Dr. Jill Biden, the doctor for whom Whoopi Goldberg of The View said should be Surgeon General:

“I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general … she’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor,” Goldberg said, as if she knew of the former second lady’s medical expertise.

Charles C.W. Cooke writes for National Review:

Doctor Biden has joined Twitter as @DrBiden. The account is “run by Dr. Jill Biden’s Office,” and it tells us absorbing things about Dr. Biden — things such as “Yesterday, Dr. Biden hosted an education roundtable…Yesterday, Dr. Biden honored the nation’s top teachers.” It retweets praise, too: “Thank you Dr. Biden for your work as an educator and as a voice for all educators in our nation,” reads one tribute. If a tweet is signed “Jill,” the doctoral bio informs us, this indicates that it is a “tweet from Dr. Biden.” “Jill,” if you’re wondering, is Dr. Biden’s nickname. Her formal name is “Dr.”

Wherever she goes and whatever she does, Dr. Biden is always referred to as “Dr. Biden.” “Is Joe Biden married to a physician?” wondered the Los Angeles Times in January. “You might have gotten that impression while watching television coverage of the inauguration.” Yes, you might have indeed.

Dr. Biden isn’t a physician, of course. She has a doctorate – in “educational leadership,” whatever the hell that is.

Back to “science” and “Dr.” Jill Biden’s tweet:

Social media pounced on the good “doctor”. And I begin with an editor at the Daily Wire who asked the question asked of many pro-death Leftists: When does life begin?

She tweeted:

Cool! What’s your definition of when life begins.

Radio talk show host, Kevin McCullough asked an interesting question that will test the science of “Dr.” Jill Biden:

He tweeted: “Can a man be a woman?”


Another intriguing “science” query asked, “How many genders are there?”

It seems Democrats use science as a crutch to make specious arguments. But when REAL science challenges them, they don’t have REAL answers.

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