Is Kamala Harris TRYING to Lose?

Kamala Harris offers nothing to the Biden-Harris ticket. She’s off-putting, and has the “sista-girl” demeanor that had her finish in the middle of the pack of Democrat presidential contenders.

So why did Biden pick her?

That was a trick question. Biden doesn’t decide what to eat without handlers.

Higher-ups selected Harris for all the wrong reasons. And that’s why she has no voice on the ticket. It’s rumored she can’t even pick her own staff during the campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

But what is definitely true is the Democrats know Biden won’t serve a full-term if he were to win (and he won’t). And Harris or her teleprompter person alluded to this in her recent appearance:

Evidently, Harris is as gaffe-prone as her new temporary boss.

The slip-up occurred on Monday evening after Harris accidentally touted economic plans under a “Harris administration.”

Harris spoke in Arizona with small business owners in a virtual round-table. In the discussion, she assured these owners that if she is elected, they will have an ally in the White House. Recall the Democrats rolled out their slogan a few months back: The “Build Back Better” campaign.

Apparently, “BBB” doesn’t include the guy who’s actually at the head of the ticket.

“A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States…”

Clearly, Democrats see Biden the way the nation sees him. A figurehead. A placeholder for the real president, should Biden win.

Of course, Harris clarified her statement:

“The Biden-Harris administration will provide access to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments from minority business owners.”

But the damage was done. The proverbial cat jumped out of the bag.

You just don’t make that kind of mistake. Nor does the person writing the information for the teleprompter screw up like this. I believe this is sabotage of Biden’s campaign. Certainly, this is symptomatic of the Democrats’ helter-skelter campaign against Trump. Wishy-washy, flip-flopping Leftists who will say or do anything for votes.

Consider recently that Harris praised a rapist, and has bailed out of jail members of Antifa and BLM. And on the heels of that, her boss is suddenly against defunding the police.

As for Harris, social media echoed many of my sentiments:

There is ZERO sincerity in this woman… and don’t think it qas a slip. Although they both seem to like their teleprompters

And this tweet notice that Harris can’t read very well:

Two things are clear from this. 1) Harris can’t read from a teleprompter either. 2) She tried to go off script and “oopsies” – ended up admitting what the country already knows.


Diane wonders if this is a “slip” at all:

Maybe not a slip. Isn’t she is reading? It could be a way to float the idea to her audience. This is how indoctrination of ideas works – shifting people to acceptance of what they didn’t vote for. Bait and switch coming?

Ironically, Biden did the same thing!

Know that Biden-Harris nor Harris-Biden has a chance at beating Trump. Because Trump outed them.

All the chaos in the cities and rumors of further destruction elucidates my point. You can’t win elections by creating fear of normal life.

Sadly for Democrats, their future lies in this election. A second Trump term really presents Armageddon for them. Because Trump will have free reign in his last four years.

No more concerns about re-election, but merely concentrating on his already stellar legacy. And Trump will make moves for the American people the Deep State never thought would happen again.

Trump gave America back to the people. And his second term will make sure we get to keep it.

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