MAJOR Trump Campaign Staffer Hospitalized

It takes balls of steel to fight the Left. Having done it for over 11 years, I know why many people drop out.

Death threats, definite loss of income, and the constant attacks by the Left drive many people to return to the simple life. I know dozens of former pundits and politicos who have quietly exited Stage Right. Almost all burned out due to the constant grind.

Fortunately for me, God prepared me for the arduous fight. But still the road wasn’t easy to travel. I faced all of the above, but resolved that the Left will not defeat me. For my weary friends who left the battlefield, I understand.

Thus, I understand why Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale has been hospitalized. According to reports, police removed Parscale from his home Sunday afternoon after his wife called the police. Apparently, Parscale was said to be suicidal.

His wife called the Fort Lauderdale Police, who responded to the incident. And after a brief interaction, the police removed him from the home. Parscale was involuntarily institutionalized him at Broward Health Medical Center which is allowed by Florida law.

You can imagine what Leftists will try to make of this. Living in their heads for a moment, I imagine they will offer that Parscale is afraid of a Trump loss. Or they will say that the campaign is ineffective, and that drove Parscale off the deep end.

Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign blamed attacks from Leftists for Parscale’s troubles. And that is possible. I don’t know, and neither will most people offering opinions.

Frankly, Parscale’s troubles could be completely unrelated to the campaign.

What we do know is that Parscale fell from grace with Trump. In 2016, Parscale revamped Trump’s online reach and fundraising when he played the role of digital director. His efforts undoubtedly helped Trump win. Because of his success, Parscale was hired by the president two years later to help with the 2020 campaign.

However, mid-year Bill Stepien replaced Parscale as campaign manager. This is what Trump does. He shakes things up. Still Parscale remains on the president’s team as a senior adviser.

Clearly, President Trump shifted strategy in July with the change. And those changes have benefited Trump. But Parscale’s fingerprints remain on the digital strategy. Thus, again Parscale will be a major reason Trump wins a second term.

The pressures of a campaign, the pressures of life. Balance; something we all hope to achieve.

The TBS team wishes the Parscale family Godspeed.



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