Michelle Obama’s CANDID Confessions About Marriage

How did I know that Michelle Obama wouldn’t enter politics? Because I know people like Michelle Obama. Background people.

Michelle Obama admitted that she didn’t trust Barack Obama when she met him. Because as she pointed out, [pp] “White people spoke too highly of him.”

I noted Michelle’s racist comment. However, in understanding her husband I get her point. White people can be easy to snow; particularly when you are a professional black conman. And that’s what Barack Obama was.

The likely bi-sexual Barack Obama came off as Mr. Cool with Michelle. All dude.

Michelle saw his potential, but she recognized his game. Still, she wanted on the ride. Barack Obama had that “something” that would either land him in prison or, with a few breaks, in the White House.

So she married him. And then she found out who he really was.

As The Hill reported, she had quite a few rough patches in her relationship:

While talking to guest Conan O’Brien during the latest episode of “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” the former First Lady was candid about the ups and downs of her marriage to Barack Obama.

“There were times that I wanted to push Barack out of the window. And I say that because it’s like, you’ve got to know the feelings will be intense. But that doesn’t mean you quit,” she said. “And these periods can last a long time. They can last years.”

And hers lasted years. My bet is the presidency saved their marriage. Whether she admits it or not, Barack Obama lived up to his part.

The farce of Black Camelot was born. The Obamas are now filthy rich. Finally, Michelle Obama likely has a better reputation than her husband.

The article continues, as Michelle Obama uses a basketball analogy for relationships:

Michelle went on to tell her listeners to go about finding a partner as if you’re assembling an all-star basketball team, and that a person should ideally pick the absolute best person to be with.

“You want LeBron [James]. You don’t want the guy, third row on the bench, who didn’t make the team, but we often don’t think about that,” she said. “What you’re supposed to say is, ‘I have married LeBron. My version of LeBron.’”

So “pick the absolute best person to be with”. For your all-star team.

I’m no relationship expert, but relationships are not like all-star teams. They are much more complicated. And one doesn’t get into a relationship with a lying scam artist.

And who is the guy, third row on the bench, who didn’t make the team? Maybe that guy is a spectacular guy. Holy Mother of Beyonce, the fact that Michelle wouldn’t pick “Third Row” speaks volumes about her.




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