Republicans SENSING VICTORY for Trump

I am finally getting calls from Republicans who seem a lot more confident about President Trump’s chances for a second term.

I hadn’t gotten these calls in a while. And as I’m talking to these politically-insightful Conservatives, I’m thinking, “What took so long?”.

Then I reflect back on election night of 2016. I must have talked or texted at least 15 friends off the ledge that night.

“Kevin, are you REALLY sure Trump is going to win?!”, they ask.

Hell yes, I knew Trump would win. And he did.

I still remember the mashup somebody produced as Leftists realized that Hillary Clinton would never sit her fat ass in the Oval Office as POTUS.

I only wish I had been around cameras, so Leftists could see me gyrating erotically IN THEIR FACES!

Rinse and repeat 2020.

I find it hard to believe that people think Joe Biden could beat Trump. As Biden said years earlier after Obama made him his running mate, [pp] “Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice.”

Even Biden knew that he was the white version of the “Affirmative Action” running mate. A pity pick.

So what happened between now and then to make Biden so formidable? Nothing. And many Republicans now realize it.

But what of the polls? Americans finally get it: the news REALLY IS FAKE!

What poses as “news” in America long ago became little more than propaganda. And the country realizes that, and no longer pays attention to it. Talk to converted Leftists and they reveal when they first learned the lie of Leftism. That moment where something hit them right between the eyes, and they could no longer overlook the obvious lie.

Take Trump’s supposed racism, for example.

At the Republican National Convention, Trump featured enough blacks to film Roots. How many racists have so many black friends ready to speak on their behalf. And their stories are compelling.

Hershel Walker’s 27-year friendship with Donald Trump. Jack Brewer, Leo Terrell, Diamond and Silk, for goodness sake. Just focusing on the last two, and you must marvel at the idea of Trump taking two ordinary black chicks and making them household names. Stars, for all intents and purposes.

Trump the Lies

Donald Trump has decimated every lie told by Democrats. One by one, beginning with him being unhinged.

Look at the state of this country, then tell me who is unhinged? Hardly a major Democrat-controlled city isn’t under siege. And the citizens living there know their problems weren’t caused by Trump.

Because of the actions of Democrats, Trump has more Democrat support than ever.

What of that economy Democrats intentionally tried to kill? Trump built it once, so well that Obama claimed it for his own. If it hadn’t been for Obama’s history, predicting Trump wouldn’t save Carrier and telling us 2 percent GDP is the high bar, perhaps he could have sold that lie.

But Trump built a stellar economy not once, but twice. And the second time he made it look easier than the first.

The Tipping Point?

Something tipped Republicans in the last week. I don’t know what caused Republicans to gain more confidence, but I know many did.

I sense this, based on the many messages I have received. That is why I decided to document this point in the campaign. This point in history.

The white noise of Russian collusion and impeachment appear far in the rearview mirror. And the Democrats’ attempt to make the post office and mail-in voting an issues has waned.

No more Schiff and Nadler congressional hearings on nonsense. Just Democrats contemplating their fate. Trump’s second term.

New SCOTUS appointments to add to the record-setting judicial appointments. Unfettered Trump policies that have already benefited Americans.

And tonight? We get to see Trump and Biden side by side as the truth becomes painfully clear to the left…

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