Most Americans are appalled that Democrats are running former Vice President Joe Biden as their candidate. Sickening.

All jokes aside, Joe Biden is damaged goods. A shell of the man he used to be. Yet, “Dr” Jill Biden encouraged her punch-drunk husband to run, for her own vanity.

If Donald Trump were Biden, he would never have been selected to run for Republicans. Conservative Americans have standards. And putting a man with dementia in the White House lowers our standards. However, Democrats have no such standards, as their previous choice indicates.

To showcase Joe Biden “then and now”, the Trump campaign produced this shocking ad, What Happened to Joe Biden?:

What happened to Joe Biden? Here’s your answer:

First, age. Some people age better than others. And Trump clearly has aged better than Biden. Biden looks and acts old. Further, he walks old and talks old.

Sure, his handlers try to present Biden as “youthful”. But they fail miserably.

Politico wrote of Biden’s age back in 2019:

The New York Times, the Washington PostPoliticoCNN, the Atlantic, the Associated PressSlate and just about every other premium and low-rent outlet you can name has crossed the ageism line to ask the “too old” question in recent articles about Joe Biden, age 76, often in the headline itself. These pieces render judgment on Biden’s physical stamina (damn good), verbal skills (he’s a little mush-mouthed), processing speed (seems a tad lost sometimes), memory (better on stuff that happened 30 years ago than five years ago) and tendency to gaffe (you have to ask?).

But after tallying Biden’s repeated stumbles, miscues and mental lapses, journalists tend to retreat from calling Biden too infirm to run the White House. The greater press taboo, it seems, isn’t asking the question about Biden but answering it.

The press corps’ refusal to resolve the question has made Biden’s age and his state of mental and physical fitness the primary lens through which it views his candidacy. Was he rusty on the debate stage, Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty asked, or bewildered at finding himself there? Was it a minor slip of the tongue when he told debate viewers to “go to Joe30330” instead of “text JOE to 30330,” or does he not know how texting works? Were Biden’s debate comebacks tellingly “slow off the mark,” as the New York Times put it, or did he consciously decide the best way to fend off Kamala Harris and Cory Booker’s punches was to rope-a-dope?

In discussing Biden’s debate performance back in June of last year, Leftist rag Slate wrote:

Biden’s problem wasn’t a single bad moment. It’s that he showed hardly any of the old skills that once made him such a relatable public presence. He didn’t talk to the audience so much as recite—alternately shouting and wobbling through stretches of accomplishments or proposals, during which his grammar and syntax seemed to get increasingly confused as he went along. Take the riff that followed after moderator Chuck Todd suggested his talk of bipartisanship in Washington was outdated. “It does sound as if you haven’t seen what’s been happening in the United States Senate over the last 12 years,” Todd said. To which Biden answered:

I have seen what happened. Just since we were vice president. We needed three votes to pass an $800 billion recovery act that kept us from going into depression. I got three votes changed. We needed to be able to keep the government from shutting down and going bankrupt. I got Mitch McConnell to raise taxes $600 billion by raising the top rate. As recently as, after president—uh—got elected, I was able to put together a coalition of a Cures Act. That billions of dollars go into cancer research. Bipartisan. But sometimes you can’t do that. Sometimes you have to go out and beat them. I went into 20 states, over 60 candidates. And guess what? We beat them.

It’s not the pure logorrhea of a Trump soliloquy. Instead, it’s a guy reaching for his canned response and losing himself as he goes on. You can see the potholes opening up in his sentences as he keeps going.

Ouch! Another scathing review of Biden.

Yet, a year later though things have worsened for Biden, interestingly, you would be hard-pressed to find any 2020 references about Biden’s age in Leftist rags. They now seem to dismiss Biden’s age. He made the cut, so now the Left circles the wagons.

But a problem remains for Democrats and their minions: Biden will be Biden.

Look at the gaffes Biden has made just in the last 2 months. “You ain’t black”. Then Biden essentially called black voters “monolithic”, ergo stupid. Forget his obvious teleprompter flubs, now too many to count.

Which bring me to the second part of the answer of what happened to Joe Biden.

Second, brain surgeries. It’s not a stretch to understand that Biden has brain issues. After all, the man has had two brain surgeries.

Joe Biden did indeed undergo brain surgery on two occasions, both in 1988. In February of that year, he suffered from several episodes of increasingly severe neck pain. According to The New York Times, he attributed the pain to a pinched nerve and a viral infection.

One day, while he was alone in a hotel room, Biden felt a sharp, stabbing pain at the back of his neck. In his autobiography, Promises to Keep, Biden wrote that the pain was like nothing he had ever experienced and that he lay unconscious on the floor for five hours after it occurred. The next day, he went into a Delaware hospital for testing and was quickly rushed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

There, he underwent a lifesaving, six-hour surgical procedure to fix an aneurysm that had begun leaking at the base of his brain. In May of 1988, Biden underwent a second operation to repair another aneurysm on the opposite side of his brain. This second aneurysm had not caused any symptoms but was at risk of bursting.

Joe Biden’s brain has been under the knife. Twice.

Sadly, his oldest son died of brain cancer. Obviously the Biden family has brain issues.

A neurosurgeon had this to say about Biden:

I well remember back in 1988 when Joe Biden had two brain aneurysm surgeries.  If he were not running for the highest political office in the country, I believe an MRI done today by an independent neuropsychologist would validate that Biden still suffers from definite brain damage.  

Our concern as voters should grow when we consider the fact that Joe Biden is 77 years old and demonstrates almost on a daily basis the following indicators captured on tape that indicate brain damage:

Joe Biden lacks the ability to speak without slurring his words, has speech production deficits, uses jumbled words without meaning, unintentionally makes up words, speaks in short sentences with frequent pauses, has attention and concentration problems, says inappropriate and embarrassing things, indicates difficulties in understanding logical statements made by others, interrupts people frequently, has short-term memory deficits, etc.  All of these are signs of definite brain damage.


It is not Joe Biden’s fault that at age 77 he has brain damage that seems to be getting worse over time.

President Trump may be the most humane challenger to Biden. He’s helping Biden realize that it’s time to hang up the gloves.

Obama recommended the same a few years back, when he cautioned Biden not to run. That may be the best part of Obama’s legacy, though Biden obviously disregarded Obama’s advice.

That has bitten the Democrats squarely in the ass. Oh, the irony.


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