Swift Justice: Portland Man Who Killed Trump Supporter DEAD

Interesting how the media portrays victims and perpetrators depending on which side of the political spectrum they fall.

In this video where an Antifa, pro-BLM terrorist executes a peaceful Trump supporter, the reporter describes the victim as a “white man” and part of a “far-right group called ‘Patriot Prayer.'”

[CAUTION on video]

Patriot PRAYER! Because the media likes to portray all the religious zealots in America as dangerous to the public.

Not a single description was given about the potential shooter. No reference to Antifa, and the glossed-over notion that Patriot Prayer had “clashed with BLM protesters in the past.”

Thankfully we learned the identity of the brutal executioner.

His name is Michael Forest Reineohl. And in an interview with Vice, Reineohl admitted to murdering the Trump supporter.

Law enforcement began closing in on Reineohl, which forced the confession. And now we learn that he was shot dead by law enforcement after the interview later that evening as officers attempted to arrest him in Lacey, Washington, a city near Seattle.

According to Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement was in the area looking for a homicide suspect. They noticed 48-year-old Reinoehl exit an apartment building and enter a vehicle, as reported by the New York Times.

“As they attempted to apprehend him, there was gunfire,” said Brady.

Clearly Reinoehl was a lunatic and threat to anybody he encountered. Thus, the perfect Democrat.

And you can bet that if he had been a member of the Tea Party who shot and killed a peaceful Leftist protester, you would know what this guy ate for dinner 7 nights in a row. Undoubtedly the media would have crawled up a Tea Party member’s ass to expose the dirt.

However, because Reineohl was a maniacal Leftist, we learn nothing. Except that he was shot by law enforcement. And in that narrative, America got lucky.

First, we should rejoice that Reineohl was white and not black. Because if he were black, the BLM movement would be burning down cities all over the country, yelling “No justice, no peace!”.

Second, no long trial. The Leftist clown decided to go down in a blaze of glory. And on that note, expect many Leftists to hail this man as a hero to their cause.

But Reineohl is no hero. He’s the typical Leftist coward. Easily led and ready to kill for his broken ideology.

Thus, America witnesses another Leftist lie. Leftists are the thugs who try to intimidate people into supporting their cause. But one day they may learn the hard way that Conservatives are not afraid of them. Not in the very least. We outnumber them. And if pushed, we push back much harder.



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