Trump SOLIDIFIES Black Vote with this Move

President Trump takes a wrecking ball to Leftism daily. Unafraid, he tackles major issues. He challenges the Left’s radical anti-human agenda not like a politician, but like a human being.

That’s why Trump resonates so well with Americans. And his resonance makes things difficult and at times impossible for the Left. They rue the day they shoe-horned him into the Republican nomination.

Yet again, the president disrupted Democrats plans for murder and mayhem. The birth and nurturing of Black Lives Matter falls on Democrats. However, the racist terror group that torments almost every city in America has backfired on Democrats. Because of the actions of the group and those of President Trump.

Recently Trump spoke about the group, and he took no prisoners. I can’t imagine a president having the courage to take on this topic while in the throes of a second White House bid:

Clearly Trump doesn’t care about the optics or the politics. He proves yet again that he cares about the real issue:

Partial transcript:

“As you know, many of those who are spreading violence in our cities are supporters of an organization called Black Lives Matter, or BLM. It’s really hurting the Black community. This is an unusual name for an organization whose ideology and tactics are right now destroying many Black lives, and whose first phrase was – you remember this – ‘pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,’ referring to our police.

“The stated goal of BLM organization people is to achieve the destruction of the nuclear family, abolish the police, abolish prisons, abolish border security, abolish capitalism, and abolish school choice. That’s what their stated goals are. This is not the agenda of the Black community. This is the agenda of an extreme socialist – or worse – you know what the other word is. Marxist, Communist. But this is the extreme socialist left, but beyond that, in my opinion. That’s why the founders of the organization call themselves trained Marxists.”

“And yet we have major corporations, out of weakness or fear or whatever reason, donating hundreds of millions of dollars to them. These are fools. These are fools. The big progressive corporations donating to BLM should instead be spending their money helping Black families rebuild from the left-wing — from these horrible left-wing riots. Wealthy liberal hypocrites want to defund the police in our inner cities while living behind walled compounds. The funny thing is that if anything ever happened, they’d be the first to go, you know.

“They want to get rid of school choice for Black children while sending their own children to the best private schools in the land. They want open borders for you, but security for themselves.”

What courage it takes to say these things at this time.

And you know Democrats so want to paint Trump as a racist. But they have a major problem. BLM polls hit rock bottom:

Support for Black Lives Matter protests has plunged from 54 percent to 39 percent in the past three months. Moreover, those who disapprove of the movement now outnumber those who approve it, according to a poll released by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago on Wednesday.

Understand, this is a Leftist poll, and not stacked with Republicans.

The poll results confirmed a stunning drop in public support for the Black Lives Matter protests. And for obvious reasons. These protests are not protests at all. BLM doesn’t care about the truth in policing which we pointed out in our film Bleeding Blue.

BLM is about rioting and violence as I discussed in my book Race Pimping. “No justice, no peace”, all to get a paycheck for nothing. Pretend Black people are oppressed to guilt white people into giving BLM something for nothing.

The poll revealed that forty-four percent of poll respondents said they disapprove of the protests, and only 39 percent approve of them. This marks a dramatic decline of support for the Black Lives Matter protests over the past three months.

When the same question was asked by the same polling organization in June, 54 percent of poll respondents said they approved of the protests, while only 32 percent said they disapproved. This represents a huge swing of 27 points against the Black Lives Matter protests, from a +22 point approval rating in June to a -5 point approval rating in September.

The polling of BLM reflects in the presidential polling as well. Even fake news polls show Biden dropping.

In June, Biden supposedly had an 11 point lead over Trump, 41 percent to 30 percent. In September, his lead dropped to four points, 40 percent to 36 percent based on this nonsense poll. And polling will continue to worsen for Biden and other Democrats as support for the Black Lives Matter protests has dropped among black voters and white voters alike.

In June, 81 percent of black voters approved of the protests. Now, that support drops to 63 percent in September. Among white voters, approval of the Black Lives Matter protests dropped from 53 percent in June to 34 percent in September. So apparently no more plurality of white guilt on this terror group.

Finally, the poll measured “intensity” of disapproval. In this category, there was a dramatic increase as strong disapproval jumped 12 percent.

In September, 31 percent of poll respondents strongly disapproved of the protests, while 13 percent somewhat disapproved of them. In June, 19 percent of poll respondents strongly disapproved of the protests, while 12 percent somewhat disapproved of them.

As a corollary, intensity of approval lessened by 11 points in three months.

In June, 33 percent of poll respondents strongly approved of the protests, while 21 percent somewhat approved of them. Three months later, in September, strong approval of the protests plunged to 22 percent, while somewhat approval dropped to 17 percent.

President Trump understands all of this. Thus his timing. And this is crushing the throats of Democrats.

The will be no cries of racism in Trump’s move to denounce BLM. Rumors are that Democrats have been instructed to distance themselves from BLM in political races. Soon corporate America will join them, and eventually Hollyweird will as well.

No more stupid commercials about BLM. Then perhaps America get go back to normal. And stop the abject in-your-face racism of Leftists.



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