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Black Lives Matter protests have turned violent. And it didn’t have the intended effect. Instead, BLM rattled voters in those riot zones and swung them behind President Trump in a big way.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 63% of voters who have seen violent protests in their community “strongly approve” of the president — just 35% don’t.

The survey is the latest showing Trump winning the “law and order vote” as the country sees violence from the protests expand from big cities to smaller communities, such as Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Trump’s position is not only winning fans, but may also be helping his overall approval rating. Rasmussen, for example, also said that Trump’s approval rating is 51% for a second day. At this stage of his presidency and reelection campaign, former President Barack Obama had a 49% approval rating.

The law and order vote is a big one. Rasmussen said that 42% of likely voters said that their communities have hosted the anti-police protests in their communities. And nearly half said those protests turned violent, making them a big issue, even to those who haven’t witnessed the violence.

Said Rasmussen:

“Among all voters, 65% say the violent protests are important to their vote in the presidential election this fall, with 41% who say it’s ‘Very Important.’

“Among those who have had violent protests in their community, even more (76%) rate them important to their vote, including 54% who say they are ‘Very Important.’ Sixty-three percent (63%) of these voters ‘Strongly Approve’ of the job Trump is doing versus 35% who ‘Strongly Disapprove.’”

Go Ahead, Defund the Police

Of course these protesters demand we defund the police. And they seriously oppose any semblance of law enforcement.

But, as Rasmussen points out, “ 66% of Americans oppose defunding the police in the community where they live. Sixty-one percent (61%) believe violent crime is likely to go up in communities that defund the police.”

In a separate article, Rasmussen documents the party line divide. Clearly, Republicans are far more concerned with our safety than Democrats are.

Democrats (37%) are much more supportive of defunding the police in their community than Republicans (17%) and those not affiliated with either major political party (15%) are. While 78% of Republicans and 62% of unaffiliateds believe that defunding the cops is likely to lead to more criminal violence, just 45% of Democrats agree.

Among Americans who favor defunding the police where they live and channeling that money into more social services, only 23% think it’s likely to lead to more violent crime. Slightly more (27%) say violent crime is more likely to go down with fewer cops around.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of  those opposed to defunding their local police believe that action is likely to result in more violent crime.

It seems pretty obvious that most Americans understand there will be consequences for defunding the police. And more violent crime isn’t exactly the outcome the majority of Americans want. But leftists continue on their quest to destroy our nation without so much as a second thought.

It’s ironic that leftists are ignoring the polls when it comes to defunding the police. In fact, many polls highlight just how much support the President really holds.

For the past several months, polls have leaned heavily towards the president. So much so that the silent majority was no longer deniable.

Breitbart reported this a few months ago:

new poll by Morning Consult found that large majorities of American voters, including a majority of Democrat supporters, back use of the National Guard to address the riots and protests tearing apart cities around the nation. A smaller majority of Americans supports using the military.

The law and order vote. How large is it? Well, active law enforcement is reported to be around 900,000. Add in their families, and you get double with a spouse, and a 4x multiplier when bringing in parents of LEOs and spouses. Then add voting age kids and those friendly to LEOs. Even with partial overlap, that’s a good swing of voters. Also, these voters are spread equally across all states.

Next, police unions. This group encompasses even retired LEOs, which easily adds another million to the mix. I’m not sure what amount of LEOs voted Democrat. But what I am willing to bet the farm on is that more LEOs will vote Republican than ever before.

But there is one more large group. Those Democrats who recognize what’s happening around the country. They are scared. And they will vote Republican.










































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