Trump Won Wallace Second Biden Finished LAST

My favorite tweet of the debate came from Congressman Paul Gosar:

Donald Trump won the debate. Chris Wallace came in second. Joe Biden finished last.

Biden finished last, as Trump crushed it in this debate. We watched a Titan defeat a midget. This happens when you put an overmatched opponent in with the champ; the fight will get ugly.

For some, this fight was train wreck. True, if you are a Biden supporter. Because this was a Trump masterpiece, if you know how to judge a fight.

Brandon Straka of the Walkaway Movement said this of the debate:

To those calling the debates a “mess”: No. The reason it feels messy to u is bc none of us have ever seen a Republican FIGHTER. When ur used to Rs jovially taking it up the rear it might be jarring to see a conservative swinger for the 1st time. And there’re more of us every day.

I wholeheartedly agree with Brandon.

As a fighter, I’ve been in many fights in the ring and out. Believe it or not, you learn to like or even love to fight. You don’t see fighting the way most see it. The idea of getting hit doesn’t thrill the majority of people. But fighters think differently.

You train so that you eventually test yourself. Thus, you fight in preparation for the fight. So you study your art. Thus, warriors watch LOTS of fights.

I watch UFC, Pride (not just something for gays!), Valle Tudo, K1, boxing, and almost any mixed-martial arts sports. And I marvel at the techniques, body types, training, and the physicality of the sports and the sportsmen. From time to time, friends or relatives will visit me, and I’m watching a fight. Their reactions are priceless as they watch two warriors go at it.

I get questions like, “Kevin, how could you possibly ever want to do something like that!” Or, “That looks SO dangerous”. I especially like the comments where people say, “That fight was boring”, or “All they did was roll around on top of each other”.

Clearly, people who don’t understand the nuance of particular fights. Well, in the case of Trump versus Biden, there was little nuance. That fight was a one-sided brawl where Trump clearly won. Trump trained and Biden didn’t.

Early on Biden pimped his strategy (1) call Trump a liar, and (2) rely on “COVID”, aka Wuflu.

Those two points were drilled into his demented brain as safety nets. Even when talking about race issues, Biden referred back to Wuflu. Biden declared that his stance on Wuflu would protect black people. He gave some innocuous statistic on the number of Blacks who died from Wuflu, and how many would have died under him.

A man who hung out with segregationists, declared “You ain’t Black” to Blacks who don’t vote for him, called Blacks monolithic voters, and has taken the Black vote for granted for decades believes he can save Black people from Wuflu? Moreover, Biden would make this a top priority, right? I’m sure Black people felt better knowing this!

Trump fired back that while Biden passed legislation to jail Blacks and called them “super predators”, Trump was freeing Blacks with his Second Chance Act. A stark contrast.

What Trump did in this debate, while perhaps annoying to some contrasted brilliantly the difference between someone who genuinely loves America, and a person who thinks he deserves to be president.

Trump resonated with middle of the road voters who want the guy willing to do something very simple: answer the question, truthfully.

Trump was asked about his taxes. The idea that a billionaire pays only $750 in taxes is ridiculous. When Wallace asked what Trump pays, he answered “Millions!”. Wallace wanted to dig down, and Trump explained that he has depreciation on buildings and tax incentives, and he proudly takes them.

No running and ducking the issues for Trump. Straightforward answers, whether you like them or not.

From taxes to chaos in the streets, Trump offered pragmatic answers. At one point he declared that he would end the violence in Democrat-run cities in an instant. Then he asked Biden to back law enforcement by saying two simple words: law enforcement.

Biden refused.

Perhaps the best line for Trump in the debate was when Trump confronted Biden to “name just one” law-enforcement group who backs him.

Confronting SCOTUS question

Right out of the gate, Trump explained the Supreme Court nominee and decision. “We won.”

Trump didn’t even gloat about it. He said if the Democrats had the Senate at the time Obama nominated Garland, they would have seated him. He made no apologies for doing his job and the Senate doing theirs.

C’mon, Man! That’s what Biden must have been thinking as he got his next set of talking points from his handlers. And yes, Biden was wired as James Woods astutely noted.

As one person said, “Every puppet needs wires.” And what of this little jewel?


In another instance of direct answers, Trump responded to Critical Race Theory. When asked why he banned it, Trump replied: “It’s racist”.

No equivocating, just simple and to the point. Then he went on to say that he would not allow the government to institute nonsensical theories that denigrate this great land.

Biden discussed “institutional racism”, conveniently omitting that in almost all instances where this occurs, Democrats are the culprits.

Again, Trump won the race battle, representing the entire country. Biden tried to placate to Blacks.

Healthcare is another area where Trump demolished Biden. Because predictably, Biden made the case for Obamacare. He declared that 20 million people or so depended on the crap legislation. Ironically, Biden bolstered Trump’s case as a straight-shooter by saying, “Trump wants to gut Obamacare”.

Indeed! Trump said this in 2016 and he’s been gutting it for 4 years. Keeping his promises.

Trump then called Biden on his fake news stats, despite Wallace’s attempts to run interference on behalf of the relic VP.

Obamacare is expensive, and a takeover of the medical system. Trump stated that his alternative was better.

Is there medic in the house? Because Trump drew blood continually from Biden. Particularly on Hunter Biden.

The press has avoided talking about Hunter Biden, but not Trump. [pp] “Hunter Biden received $3.5 from a Russian woman for doing nothing. How do you explain that?!”

And what about the discussion around transition of power?

Trump blasted the entire Obama administration and highlighted Biden, when Trump said, [pp] “I haven’t had a smooth transition of power for 4 years. You weaponized the DOJ against me in a coup attempt, and you were part of it.”

Perhaps the most telling part of this is Trump said, “We caught you, we got you.” That should have sent chills up the spine of Democrats.

Back to the fight analogy.

Biden’s moves were predictable. Worse, they countered logic in the fight.

For example, why would you openly lie about Trump not bringing manufacturing back to America? That’s a FACT. Obama said it couldn’t be done; Trump did it.

Next, why would you lie about Trump’s job creation and his building of the economy? Again, FACTS. These are things people “feel”. Trump got people back to work. And while Biden still wants America shut down, Trump wants the country back to work.

Biden’s strategy was to OPENLY LIE about FACTS.

One lie he told involved Kellyanne Conway. She tweeted:

Thanks for debate shout-out, creepy/sleepy/weepy JOE, but you lied. And don’t sniff my hair, either.

Biden completely took this out of context. And these types of lies are the basis for most of his campaign ads.

Measure how you will, but Trump cleaned Biden’s clock. And the American people watched a man in command decimate a man in decline. And Trump is just getting started, because the Left picked this fight.


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