Trump’s New Campaign Ad DESTROYS Biden Supporters

Trump supporters have wrongly taken our share of grief over the years. And despite Trump’s stellar performance, supporters of Trump remain quiet in their zeal for the president.

Democrats attack us metaphorically, literally, and Holy Mother of Scaliese…for REAL! So it’s long past due that Trump supporters push back.

That’s what this Trump campaign did for us. As Town Hall reported, the Trump campaign on Saturday released a new ad targeting Democrats’ supporters. The ads highlight the violence of Democrats, specifically rioting and looting. Moreover, the ad highlights that Biden and his Party condone the violence.

If Democrats had any balls, they would call these protest what they are: riots. However, since the terror groups began their siege, Democrats called the Black Lives Matter thugs, “protesters”. Further, Democrats redefined “riots”, as “peaceful”.

Anywhere a black person has been killed by police, Democrats have condoned, perhaps sponsored riots. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and now Kenosha are all locations where riots occurred.

The video captures what many Americans feel. And that’s why many are now walking away from the Democrats.

Our trailer for Bleeding Blue feels much like this Trump ad. And understand that we made this trailer a few years ago. But the trailer speaks to the idea that problems created by Democrats cycle.


Check out the award-winning film HERE!


Understand that violence in America is localized to major cities run by Democrats. Remove the violence statistics of the top 20 cities in America, and we are one of the safest countries in the world.

Knowing this, why do Democrats insist on promoting thuggery and hooliganism?

Answer: crime does indeed pay. Until now.

The Trump Era turned crime on its head. Because Trump drained the swamp, he exposed much more of the dirty underbelly of the Democratic Party.

As the video shows, Democrats endorse violence. Ironic, given all the posturing Democrats did to present Trump supporters as violent. We now know the truth.

Kamala Harris explained that Democrats want this chaos. She further warned that the riots and mayhem will continue, and it should continue. Joe Biden’s running mate and the person Leftists want as their future VP wants riots in the streets to continue.

Democrat supporters can’t say they don’t have a choice. The choice is clear. Vote for chaos and anarchy. Or admit they are wrong, and support Trump.


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