Watch Joe Biden’s DEMENTIA at a Latino Event

I must say, I enjoy watching Joe Biden on the campaign trail. And today offered even more laughs and gaffes.

As some Latino introduces Biden, the Democrats waited with uncertainty, second after painful second for Biden to emerge from what looked like a circus tent.

After what must have seemed like an eternity to the Latinos, Biden finally enters the stage; masked of course. Below is the video:

Did you notice the walk?

Biden looks like an 90-year old man. And I’ve joked that he’s aging in dog years. Biden looks worse and worse the longer he campaigns.

In contrast, Trump looks spry. Honestly, if Trump weren’t so hell bent on representing evangelicals, I would accuse the man of making a deal with the Devil. I say often on my radio show that Trump ages in reverse.

How else do you get and keep a trophy wife like Melania, at least 20 years his junior. Sure, having a few billion helps, but that doesn’t keep the sheets warm.

Biden took almost 16 seconds to show up. That shot of adrenaline took a little longer than normal, perhaps.

Anyway, Biden hit the stage then takes off his mask. Next, he starts playing with that thing that replaced his “record player”, aka his smart phone.


Holy Mother of Papi, Biden plays some pre-recorded Latin pop song to set the mood. And there he stood smiling. A high bar for Biden to actually hit play, and then bob his head a few times to show he can’t keep a beat.

No Joe, “You ain’t black!”.

The Latino dude encourages Sleepy Jose to offer up a few dance moves. But the old man had enough. It was time to end the festivities and get down to the serious business of running for office.

Biden greeted the raucous crowd of 10 with, “Uh hello, and happy aspanic, Hispanic heritage month.”



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