White House’s SCATHING Rebuke of NY Gov Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently threatened President Trump. He warned the president that if he comes to New York he’d better have an army.

Cuomo was upset by the possibility of losing funds from the fed because of New York’s lawlessness. Earlier, President Trump suggested that he might keep funds from states who do nothing to protect their citizens from riots and mayhem caused by Antifa and BLM.

After Cuomo’s threats, the White House responded; but not how he likely expected.

While Trump does indeed have an army, as well as much more military might than needed to kick Cuomo’s pansy ass, Trump offered Cuomo something much more devastating: Cuomo’s record.

White House Press, Alyssa Farah tweeted:

You ignored CDC & the Trump Admin guidelines allowing thousands of seniors to die in nursing homes.

@realDonaldTrump met every request you made. We sent NY ventilators, PPE, the Comfort, & sent the Army Corps to build field hospitals

You wrote a book in the middle of a pandemic

Look at each of the things that occurred in New York under Cuomo.

First, his state had the worst stats for Wuflu deaths in the country. And at one point it seemed as if Cuomo encouraged infections and deaths.

Second, Cuomo killed lots of older people in nursing homes. Some theorize that he did this maliciously. Each of the elderly cost New York lots of money in healthcare costs. The death of each old person under care saved the state lots of money. Estimates are that Cuomo may have saved his state over a billion dollars. If this is the case, what a heartless piece of sh*t he is.

Third, as Cuomo enjoys life, citizens of New York struggle. Businesses are failing miserably, but Cuomo issues business closures and lockdown edicts like he’s Nero.

President Trump gave Cuomo everything he wanted. And Cuomo still screwed the pooch. His incompetence exceeded only by his ego.

And what of this book? The NY Daily News reported:

Gov. Cuomo defended his decision to pen a book mid-pandemic Wednesday as he warned that the worst of the coronavirus crisis is far from over.

Touting New York’s consistently low infection rate, which has been below 1% for 12 straight days, the governor likened the current lull in cases to “half-time” and cautioned against losing sight of the seriousness the state still faces.

“Complacency is the issue,” he said during a morning call with reporters. “My book is not ‘the history of COVID,’ because COVID is not over. We’re still in the midst of it, my friends. Don’t write about it in the past tense. Here’s some reality, we need to prepare for a second wave.”

Publishing company Crown announced Tuesday that Cuomo’s new tome, “American Crisis,” will be released in October.

Ironic that a man who killed thousands of people during this scamdemic has the nerve to write a book about how well he handled things.

Imagine how many New Yorkers would die in a real pandemic with this type of warped leadership?

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