Battleground Breakdown: Can the Lone Star State Stay Red

Democrats had a stronghold over Texas for nearly a hundred years. Then the 1990’s restored the Republican rein.

Ironically, that’s about the time the Clintons rose to power. But who am I to speculate? Now, it’s a fight to the death in the Lone Star State. Incredibly, fifty-four percent of the registered voters already cast their ballots during early voting.

With a turnout like that, it’s sure to be a record setting year. Some liberals are suggesting that turning Texas blue would return us to our roots. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

During reconstruction, blacks quickly flocked to the party that freed the slaves. But soon after, “lily whites” pushed blacks out of power, and soon the Democrats started passing laws to keep the black voters away from the polls. They used underhanded tactics such as poll taxes to suppress the vote. Texas went from 100,000 black voters in 1890 to just 5,000 in 1906. That’s an astronomical drop. Democrats weren’t chasing the black voter, they were simply keeping the black voter from showing up.

With a history like that, I find it hard to believe Texans still willingly vote for Democrats. “That was a hundred years ago,” some might argue. But look at the way the last several decades unfolded. Did we empower the black community to become highly educated? Small business owners? Did we enact prison reform? Fight against poverty?

I must say, progress was dismal. Until Donald Trump showed up. Suddenly, criminal justice reform was tackled. Poverty was tackled. Unemployment rates among women and minorities hit record lows. Of course, you already know all of this, because like me, you lived it.

But somehow, Democrats still work to convince blacks that the left is on their side. And if you ask any Texas liberal, they’re pretty certain that they’ve stolen Texas from us again.

Record Turnout

With only one more day of early voting, Texas is leading the nation in turnout. Nearly 9 million Texans already had their say. To call that incredible is an understatement. In 2016 the total turnout was 8.45 million votes. We’ve surpassed that before the arrival of election day. So the question now begs to know whether those votes will fall blue or red?

According to The Guardian:

The numbers are propelling what is historically one of the lowest voter turnout states to the top of the nation’s leaderboard in terms of the sheer number of people who have voted thus far. That groundswell of participation is even more striking in context, as democratic hurdles remain ever-present at the polls while fears of Covid-19 also loom large.

“What we’re seeing is that Texans will crawl through broken glass to be able to make sure their voices are heard this election,” said Abhi Rahman, communications director for the Texas Democratic party.

And for those who believe Texas will emerge blue, I remind them of one little tidbit they might be forgetting. Ted Cruz.

Remember when Democrats thought they could eliminate Ted Cruz from Congress?

They sent Beto O’Rourke to try to unseat the incumbent. In fact, Beto raised more than $80 to take Cruz out. And he spent almost every single dime. Then he campaigned on a national stage for a state seat. Beto spared no expense, and even passed out gift cards to illegal immigrants in a ploy to capture votes.

To be honest, Beto managed to take the lead in some of the larger metropolitan areas, such as Houston, but in the end, it was all the average Joe’s spread across the state that kept Cruz seated.

And Beto knew from the start that his efforts were a long shot. Consider this quote, straight from the horse’s mouth.

“Since 1988, when Lloyd Bentsen won re-election to the Senate, Democrats have spent close to a billion dollars on consultants and pollsters and experts and campaign wizards and have performed terribly,” O’Rourke told the Tribune on the eve of his campaign kick-off in March 2017.

The same is true for national Democrats as well. They can lean on the polls. They can rely on the pollsters. But such strategies will leave Democrats in the same boat they sailed in 2016. The S.S. Loser.

So don’t be alarmed when the mainstream media threatens a blue state rising. Here in Texas, we’re keeping it red. Four more years.




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