Biden RUNS from Question Regarding Hunter Biden

The authenticity of Hunter Biden’s emails is no longer in question. The emails are Hunter’s. And now questions must be answered.

Just not right now, at least according to Joe Biden.

When asked about Hunter’s laptop, Biden turns away.

Before we discuss the fact that Biden runs scared of the questions surrounding Hunter and his own money grab, look at the audience.

There is nobody near Biden except Secret Service. Where are the crowds? Easy answer. Home. The same place they will be on election night.

As we’ve learned, Biden refuses to meet with media through Thursday. Apparently he hopes the second debate with Trump will save his political career.

Back to the video

In the video, Biden appears to want to make small talk about his drink order. However, when he gets asked about Hunter and the FBI, he immediately turns and starts to walk away. Briskly.

Onlookers are heard laughing at Biden as he skulks away.

This is the second time in as many days that Biden was asked about the Hunter Biden emails. And it wasn’t Laura Loomer asking, or even the not-so-Right Fox News.

Instead, it’s the “fake news” outlets trying to get some crumbs after being scooped by The New York Post.

There is no way the Left can look at videos like this and believe they have a chance of beating President Trump. Biden is now fair game now that Fox News corroborated the report that was featured in the New York Post. And the information was damning not only to Hunter Biden, but Joe Biden as well.

In their expose, Fox explained that “an explosive email thread allegedly involving Hunter Biden” appeared “to outline a payout for former Vice President Joe Biden as part of a deal with a Chinese energy firm.”

And Biden thinks he can hide through Thursday? There aren’t enough Thursdays on the calendar for Democrats to dodge this issue. And they knew it was coming, despite the attempted cover-up by Democrats and their lapdog media.

Now, even the fake news media is forced to cover the story.

Steve Guest of the GOP Rapid Response Team tweeted about Biden’s hiatus:

CBS’s Ed O’Keefe on Face The Nation: “[Joe Biden] will not be seen again after today until Thursday night.”

REMINDER: Joe Biden and his campaign have not disputed the authenticity of the bombshell emails which detail the extensive corruption of the Biden family.

So Hidin’ Biden is front and center with CBS. Keep in mind this is the network who dared ask Biden about Hunter’s emails earlier.

Biden and the Democrats are toast. Burnt toast.

I’ve alluded to more information coming. I suspect Republicans are allowing Democrats to create their next “spin”. Then another hammer will fall on their empty skulls.







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