Finally! A Joe We Can Believe In

The latest video ad from Joe Collins, who is running to unseat and unmask Maxine Waters is brilliant.  And impactful.

Wearing a suit, tie and white high-top sneakers emblazoned with his logo all over them – Joe Collins walks down the streets of South L.A.  These are the same streets where he was raised.

It’s an iconic image. Collins showcases himself as the guy who made it out of the neighborhood. He joined the Navy, fought in Iraq, and now stands ready to battle in the very streets he roamed as a kid. It’s a powerful message.  This guy returned home out of a sense of loyalty and a desire to better the neighborhood he grew up in.  This is what he wants for his community.

Now pause for a moment. Image if all our pro-athlete kneelers converted their protests into community service.

Back to Collins- he grew up among gangs, poor schools and impoverished living standards.  Maxine Waters has been in charge of that district for 44 years.  She was in the California State Assembly for 14 years, until being elected into Congress in 1990.  But her district has never been good.  It’s not safe, not prosperous and not fit to raise a family. Further, it’s non-conducive to earn a living as a small business owner. 

Joe Collins graduated from high school, but a stunning 29% of black children raised in the district never graduate.  The homicide rate is up by an unimaginable 53%.  Since 2009, homelessness is up a 264%.  Let that sink in. That means 40,000 people are homeless in Maxine Waters’ district. And her long history of serving the public failed to serve anyone. Like Donald Trump, Collins puts the statistics out there plain and simple.  Then, the numbers speak for themselves. Clearly, Waters has nothing to be proud of.

“She doesn’t drink our water.  She doesn’t breathe our air.”

In his video, Collins stands in front of Maxine Waters’ $6,000,000 mansion.  “Do you know where she lives?  Not in her district, but I do,” he states.  “She doesn’t drink our water. She doesn’t breathe our air.”  It’s an ingenious juxtaposition as he walks the neighborhood demonstrating – hers and theirs.  The haves and the have nots in District 43. Except she doesn’t live there.  The place is in shambles – it’s just a fact.

Watch, as Collins demonstrates the great divide between Waters and her district.

Out of Jurisdiction

As we all know, police are limited in their actions by jurisdiction. They’re forced to stay in their own lane. Why is it different in Congress? Shouldn’t the people “representing” know who they represent, and how they live?

I guarantee you Waters is terrified of living in her own district. As Collins put it, Waters “doesn’t want to suffer the consequences of her own policies.”  It’s hard to ignore the fact that where she lives. You see a beautiful neighborhood with manicured lawns peppered by well kempt mansions.  Where her constituents live, the polar opposite exists, and the voters of CA-43 know it. Waters isn’t hungry for change, or she’d have one heck of a resume four decades in. 

Collins walks down the streets of his district and he sees the failed policies at play. Abandoned buildings and dilapidated houses boarded up invites criminal to loiter.  Trash, human waste, drug paraphernalia and litter line the streets.  He stands by a truck that is completely burned out.  Trash and furniture – all the parts of people’s lives are discarded on the curb.  Its the perfect metaphor of how Maxine Waters discarded every family, every child, every business owner that ever tried to survive in the dump she created. Because she never once cared.

Corrupt, Crazy, or Both?

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, a nonpartisan group, named Waters one of the most corrupt members of Congress.  In 2010 she was under investigation for violating House Ethics rules. Did she learn her lesson? Of course not. Recently, Waters blatantly lied in her campaign ad, claiming Collins took a “dishonorable discharge” from the Navy.  Waters and her staff knew this was untrue because Collins went to her office to get his veteran benefits. He provided authentic documents to Waters stating he was “honorably discharged.”

It takes some gumption to level such a lie. But since when did Waters carry the reputation of “honesty and integrity” around with her? Her mischaracterization of Collins is disgraceful.  Smearing a member of the military in such a vile manner proves her callous views of our military men and women. However, her disdain is more than a personality disorder. It’s a crime. At least, it became a crime the moment Waters tried to sour Collins’ thirteen years service record. 

Now, Collins filed a lawsuit for defamation. Another GOP’er unwilling to let the lies continue to fly. And soon enough, South Los Angeles will send Waters a crystal clear message. One that says forty years is long enough. Its time we do better.  

Like our trusted president, Collins knows exactly what needs to happen. His 5-point plan reverses the chaos and destruction Maxine Waters left behind.  Thus, Collins will rebuild the infrastructure and slash taxes.  He wants to improve the relationships between the community and law enforcement.  Further, this decorated veteran wants a quality education for every child.  He’ll introduce high paying jobs into the community.  And he’ll promote financial literacy and end homelessness.  

Where’s Maxine’s Plan?

If Maxine Waters had a plan, she lost it somewhere down the road. I’m not sure how she’s managed to stay in Congress for decades without a single effective measure or remedy. One might say Waters spent the past four decades MIA.

Unfortunately, the only thing people remember Mad Maxine for are her James Brown haircut and her “Impeach 45” chants. Neither of which do anything positive for her district.

Obviously, liberals believe they’ve cornered California permanently. But my money’s on Joe Collins.  

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