Kamala Harris Declared Ominous Warning in Debate

I’m not going to lie. I watched the Vice Presidential debate last night. And I couldn’t help but wish Trump were there to liven the stage.

Look, I like Mike Pence. He seems like a great guy. Strong morals, values, all the right stuff. And for some voters, Pence provides an insurance plan to sort of keep Trump in line. (As if that is possible.) But Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump. No one can wrangle him in, and no one can top what this man does.

And Trump does it with such flare that makes life anything but boring. Sadly, our VP debate lacked the zest we saw from the president. But a few key things happened.

Where She Sits

When Kamala Harris gets in front of cameras, she likes to pretend she relates to average Joe. One of her many lies. She doesn’t relate to average Joe. In fact, she doesn’t even relate to Joe Biden. But we can’t fault her for pretending. That’s what Democrats do best.

At one point, Kamala asked Americans how frustrated we were when we didn’t know where the next roll of toilet paper would be available. And she blamed that on Trump. Forget the fact that crazy liberals started the whole stock piling thing. But I’m willing to bet that Harris never faced a shortage of paper in her fancy bathroom.

Then she pretended to relate to the average blue-collar worker. As if she lives paycheck to paycheck. So Kamala said “I will repeat, and the American people will know, Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact. That is a fact!”

But, as we all know, Biden just pledged to get rid of fossil fuels. So, does Kamala understand what fracking is? Earlier in the campaign process, when Kamala thought she had a chance at the Oval Office, she repeatedly pledged to do away with fracking.

No wonder AOC was so stirred by Kamala’s words.

Truthfully, Harris highlighted the fact that she’s all over the place. Is she far left? Is she in the middle? Does she just say anything to fill the space with words? Or maybe she’s simply unsure and has yet to form her political identity. I don’t actually know the answer.

I’m just glad she’s not in my party, because I’d be embarrassed to have any connection to such a witchy woman. On the bright side, Pence did a good job of forcing Harris to put herself in a lane and stay there. Now, we’ll just have to watch and see how the left reacts to their Kamala revelations.

Speaking of revelations…

It’s funny how people say things without actually saying them. Thus, Kamala’s ominous warning.

Towards the end of the debate, Kamala Harris said one thing that actually made me do a double-take. And trust me, few things shock me. But when we have a vice-presidential candidate threatening to destroy our nation completely, I take notice.

Study her words and carefully consider them. Kamala said: “…having served as the Attorney General of the State of California, the work that I did is a model of what our nation needs to do and we will be able to do under a Joe Biden presidency.”

Is it just me, or did she just promise to use California as the model by which every state should follow? In other words, we should go for lots of sanctuary cities. And let’s just rack up the debt, because California has more debt that any other state. The tax and regulatory burdens kill smaller businesses. Then there is the whole Hollyweird-subculture. And the socialism oozing from the borders just plain stinks.

I don’t know about you, but that’s plenty of reasons for me to keep Kamala Harris out of office. Sadly, for Democrats, Harris didn’t do anything to move the needle to the left. But Pence did reassure us that the Republican Party will again prevail.

As Vice President Pence reinforced:

I think we’re gonna win this election. Because while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rattle off a long litany, the establishment in Washington DC and the establishments Joe Biden’s been a part of for 47 years. President Donald Trump has launched a movement of everyday Americans from every walk of life. And I have every confidence that the same Americans that delivered that historic victory in 2016, they see this President’s record, where we rebuild our military, we revived our economy through tax cuts and rolling back regulation, fighting for fair trade, unleashing American energy. We appointed conservatives to our federal courts at every level. And we stood with the men and women of law enforcement every single day, and I think, I think that movement of Americans has only grown stronger in the last four years.

So, in the words of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, I say “go vote.” It’s the only thing either of them seemed to get right on debate night.


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