Late Entry: Obama Campaigning For Biden

What took so long for Obama to finally decide to campaign with his former VP? Obama campaigned with Hillary Clinton before she cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, and only now joins Biden?

Fishy? Not really. When you consider that Obama asked Biden not to enter the race to begin with. He withheld his endorsement until no other option remained.

Still, Obama finally agreed to hit the campaign trail soon for his vice president, at least that’s the rumor. (Of course, the new evidence regarding Biden’s dirty business might put a damper on plans.) Up to now, the most Democrats have gotten out of Obama on behalf of Biden is the run of the mill stuff, like filming a conversation with Biden and how-to-vote guides. Also, Obama hosted a virtual fundraiser, and gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. But I wouldn’t count that as campaigning for Biden specifically.

In a PR move for himself, Obama released a “burner” phone where Americans can text him. I don’t imagine that stunt worked out as planned.

Regardless, the timing for Obama to throw his fedora in the ring for Biden is interesting. The media wants to convince us that Obama remains popular with Democrats. Clearly they live on the muscle-memory of 2008. Because much like Biden, Obama draws little crowds at best. You can bet if Obama could draw crowds, he would be in front of them.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday morning, Biden said he was happy with what Obama’s done so far.

“He’s doing enough for our campaign and he’ll be out on the trail,” Biden said.

I disagree with Biden. Still, why now? Why so late in the game?

If Obama represents the best weapon in Democrats’, aka Biden’s arsenal, then why not deploy the weapon earlier?

I suggest that Obama knows Biden will lose. Thus, by waiting Obama doesn’t take the full blame for the loss. And if Biden happens to win {and he won’t} Obama comes off as the last minute savior of the campaign.

Time for Trump to drop another nuke on the Democrats.

I’ve mentioned that I believe Trump has many more October surprise nukes. And the timing would be fantastic, if Trump dropped one on the new not-so-dynamic duo. So I fully expect Trump to wait for Obama to get fully engrossed in the campaign, then BOOYAH!

Frankly, I can’t wait to see the anemic crowds Obama draws while campaigning for Biden. Understand that Democrats will use Wuflu as the reason they “limit” the dozens of people waiting to see the two former partners reunite.

Even better, wait until President Trump starts tweeting about them. Challenging their campaign and reminding Americans of just how bad they governed.

No matter how things shape up, it’s King Kong versus two sissies. Trump wins.


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