MSNBC LOSES IT LIVE after Seeing Trump

Leftists spend a lot of time on nonsense. Busybodies, content to stir up sh*t when they don’t get their way.

Let’s be truthful. Many Leftists wanted President Trump to die from Wuflu. I’m not “fact checking” what I already know to appease Google. Truth be told, millions of Leftists prayed to Lucifer that Trump wouldn’t survive the dreaded Chinese flu.

I predicted Trump would put some serious Kung Fu on the Wuflu. I said he would beat it quickly and soundly. He did exactly that.

Three days and Trump never looked any worse for wear. At worst, he looked like he had a slight cold. Because that’s what this disease does to most people. It’s like a cold or mini-flu.

Democrats have real problems as it relates to this disease. Because now Trump is a “survivor.” A potentially sympathetic person in the fight against the virus that was supposed to kill him and the rest of conservative America. Yet he and conservative America stand here, ready to fight.

Trump triumphed. He defeated an enemy some thought was a death sentence for somebody his age. And in what should have been a celebration, MSNBC showed their true colors:

One person tweeted:

BREAKING VIDEO: Trump salutes Marine One after taking his mask off. MSNBC calling it a “Mussolini Moment.”CNN calling it “something out of North Korea.”


Host 1: People around him, and that he put their lives at risk. And we haven’t heard one iota of humility, sorrow, or even the [faintest] hint that he now understands what millions of Americans do and he will work to protect them.

And you wonder why Americans are divided over masks. The media makes a big deal of these stupid masks, and this get repeated by people who believe they are “enforcers”.

Next, the other host chimes in with very interesting World War II commentary, hearkening back to Mussolini.

Host 2: This is a Mussolini moment, uh Donald Trump who looks like he has makeup on, which means somebody had to get close enough to make up his face with his favorite orange patina, he’s standing there as if he’s part of some Russian czar family…

And again, her concern is about the Wuflu infecting somebody else. Of course she snidely remarked about the president’s “patina”. But what about the not-so-subtle remark about Russia?

Nice try at continuing another fake news story, at least as it relates to President Trump. If ever there was an American version of a “Russian czar family,” it’s the Bidens.

A few comments from social media:

One person tweeted at the irony of MSNBC’s outrage:

Standing OUTSIDE, ALONE, on the porch of HIS own HOME. How #Outrageous

Another person echoed the sentiment of many Americans about the media. They who take them off are all carriers. These clowns seem to forget that healthy people shouldn’t wear masks. Only sick people should.

I believe the president may be signaling his reversal on this subject. We will know more soon. In the interim, our team will continue looking at litigation over mandatory masks. I’d hate to see all the happy faces hidden by mandated coverings when November 3rd gives us cause to celebrate.

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