Pelosi Admits: Trump Will be Re-elected

Like a rookie poker player Speaker Nancy Pelosi accidently showed her cards. And she has an unsuited 2 and a 7.

In a recent press conference, Pelosi all but admitted that she knows Trump will be re-elected.


“This is not about President Trump. He will face the judgment of the voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. Throughout America’s history, our leaders have created and strengthened guardrails in the Constitution to ensure stability and continuity of government in times of crisis. The 25th Amendment creates a path for preserving stability. If a president suffers a crippling physical or mental problem and is, in the amendment, ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his power’ — specifically, Section 4 of the Amendment empowers Congress to set up an independent body to confront such a crisis.”

In a previous presser, Pelosi said she would reveal something interesting to say about the 25th Amendment. Well, you heard it.

Frankly, I’m more interested in what she didn’t say. And what Pelosi didn’t say is, “I know Trump will win, so I need to set the groundwork for the next 4 years of trying to torment him and his administration”.

With only 3 weeks until Trump’s re-election, why pull this stunt? If the polls are right (and they are not), then Biden has a comfortable lead. Multiple polls put Biden so far ahead, Trump mathematically has no shot.

If that’s the case, then why the full court press to get rid of Trump now?

Pelosi clarified that she’s not trying to invoke the 25th Amendment for this term. She claims to be concerned about next term, possibly for two reasons:

First, she knows Trump will win. And she wants to continue to harass him for the next 4 years. That strategy will fail. Trump will be the most powerful second term president in history.

Second, if Biden wins (he has NO chance), technically Pelosi gets what she wants. Or does she?

If Biden wins (he has NO chance), Kamala Harris would gladly participate in the 25th Amendment to get rid of him. And Pelosi would quickly dispatch her to become the de facto president, by way of our nation’s succession plan. A convoluted and highly unlikely plan that brings me back to Plan 0. The epicenter.

Pelosi tested the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment early in Trump’s presidency. But got no takers. The idea was that Trump’s policies were so outlandish, he must be senile. Ergo, Congress had a responsibility to thwart the man at every turn.

By trying it early, Pelosi covered her bases. She didn’t expect it to work. But it was worth a shot. A bit of a sign of desperation, yet still perceived as par for the course. She was expected to try. Perhaps, MANDATED.

The problem? Trump’s policies worked brilliantly.

So Pelosi bided her time. She waited until President Trump caught the Chinese Wuflu virus. Secretly, she hoped the virus would do the job Hillary Clinton, Obama, nor she could accomplish. Sadly for her, Trump kicked the Wuflu’s ass like a Kung Flu master.

Nevertheless, Pelosi pretended that the man was at death’s door. She openly discussed “what if” scenarios as if America doesn’t have a succession plan. Pelosi reinstituted talks around the 25th Amendment. Only this time, she tipped her hand.

Forget the polls and what some Leftists say. Democrats know with certainty that Trump wins re-election. They put up a courageous front. But that’s all it is…a front.

Trump beat Hillary and Biden is easier to beat. Undoubtedly.

So I appreciate Pelosi’s hard work in attempting to get rid of President Trump before the end of his first term. Moreover, Pelosi invoked the Democrat playbook, as she set the stage for future disruption of President Trump’s agenda. And likely election interfering. All to no avail.

Trump is undeniably in charge. He’s even begun to talk about his second term, stating the business he plans on getting to then. Trump doesn’t use these phrases lightly. He knows the polling, and he knows his opponents. But most importantly, he knows the job ahead.


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