Quinnipiac Poll: Biden’s Lead Dropping because it NEVER Existed

I read an article titled: Poll: Biden’s Lead Drops 5 Points In 2 Weeks in Pennsylvania

These articles fascinate me. And what Democrats thought would either (1) rally their troops or (2) demoralize the competition failed with their fake news polls.

Only the most staunch Democrat, aka a moron, would believe that Biden leads Trump anywhere outside of possibly Californicate, Massachusetts, and maybe Oregon. Pretty much everywhere else is pure Trump country.

But Democrats need that “hope”. Hope that comes in the form of their new and improved version of Barack Obama. The crooked rich old white man can do what the crooked rich old white woman couldn’t. Further, if Biden defeats Trump, he will accomplish what Baby Black Jesus couldn’t help Hillary Clinton do.

History will be made…NOT!

So according to the article,

Joe Biden continues to lose ground in Pennsylvania, even in polls that have historically been quite favorable to him. Biden’s most favorable pollster in the Keystone State is Quinnipiac, which just weeks ago was claiming he held a 13-point lead. Its latest poll has shown President Donald Trump gaining 2 points and Biden losing 3 points, dropping him to an 8-point lead.

No other poll is as friendly to Biden as the latest Quinnipiac poll, but they all show Biden leading in Pennsylvania. The other polls show him up by 223345, and 7 points. Weeks ago, many polls showed him up by much more.

Just nine days ago, the RealClearPolitics average had Biden with a 7.3 percent lead in the race. Now the average is 4.2 percent.

That’s a lot of ground for Trump to make up in two weeks, particularly with voting already happening in the commonwealth, but it’s not insurmountable for the president. Four years ago at this time, Hillary Clinton was up by 4.4 points in Pennsylvania. In other words, Trump is doing slightly better in Pennsylvania now than he was doing against Clinton — and he won Pennsylvania four years ago.

Let’s be clear. You could wipe Rosie O’Donnell’s big ass with the Real Clear Politics average poll. Sorry Tom and team, but that polling is as good a guess as asking a citizen of Uzbekistan to give his or her take on the presidential election in America. At least they have the “gap” shrinking.

The article continues,

There are many indicators that Biden doesn’t believe the Quinnipiac polls, including that, according to the Wall Street Journal’s national political reporter John McCormick, he’s spending more on television ads there than any other state, on a dollar-per-Electoral College vote basis.

Shades of 2016

Obama reluctantly joined Hillary Clinton, after the DNC destroyed Bernie Sanders. Rinse and repeat, as the DNC again destroyed Bernie Sanders. And then Democrats deployed their not-so-secret weapon. Barack Obama.

There are differences this time.

First, Obama already targeted Trump for destruction. Thus, the wheels were in motion to carry Hillary Clinton’s fat ass across the presidential finish line with or without Obama.

Second, Obama waited a LONG time to join his former VP, Captain Demento. And for good reason.

Obama knew that Biden had none of the attributes to be president. Obama knew this, because he himself had failed at the job. So he knew Biden had no chance.

Nevertheless, Biden was selected by the DNC and other Leftist elites. Now Obama must support him, and the support begins in Pennsylvania.

Obama will do “drive-by” rallies. Due to COVID! That’s the new WuFlu excuse! Because Democrats don’t DARE try to hold an actual rally where we can compare Trump’s appeal to Obama’s. That wouldn’t be good for Obama’s legacy.

But things get worse for Biden and the Democrats, as Republicans aren’t panicking. In fact, I know the Trump campaign pretty much dismisses the polls. The New York Times explained part of the reason for Republicans’ nonchalance this week:

Recent figures from Pennsylvania elections officials show that Republicans have added 174,000 voters since 2016, while Democrats lost 31,000.

Democrats are losing voters all over the country. And Republicans are getting those particular votes as Democrats walk from Left to Right.

Understand where Quinnipiac had things in 2016. Based on the polling at the time, Clinton led by 6 points. She lost by less than one point.

Biden up by 8 is a Democrat wet dream. But you can bet with the news dripping about Hunter, things will worsen for Team Biden. He dropped 5 points in 2 weeks. Expect another 5+ point drop across the country.

And as I’ve predicted on my radio show and elsewhere, Trump win in a landslide.



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