Re-election Proves Ballots Trump Riots

Election day is fast approaching and we are in for the fight of our lives. Donald Trump needs to be re-elected, and deserves to be too.

I have been “Trumping for Trump” since 2012. As I told my friends back then, Trump is the person we need to run on the conservative ticket. As you can imagine, that suggestion was met with a fair amount of apprehension. The response was lukewarm at best.

Yet, my arguments were solid enough for consideration. It was pretty simple. We were up against the Clinton machine – which is an entity. It’s more like the Clinton Crime Family. Obviously, we were also up against the liberal machine and the liberal media. And that trifecta ruled our everyday lives and our government.

Our leaders back then, John Boehner and Paul Ryan, although nice guys, were totally ineffective. They simply would not fight. They never fought for our side, never fought back, but what they did do, was lay down and became a rug for the left. We all did.

As Conservatives, we deserve to be here.

For twenty years we’ve allowed ourselves to be bullied by the Left. They’ve called us every name in the book: racist, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, and the like. And we took it – lying down. Until we were just a shell of our conservative selves. Then, we took it some more. We went along with our daily lives, helping our communities and believing in a higher power and believed that to be enough. Until it wasn’t anymore. We got fed up. Finally.

We fought back. But we didn’t loot, punch, shoot, steal – we did it at the ballot box. We elected Donald Trump to fight for us. And he did – and he does. Every. Single. Day. He takes constant punches and he throws his fair share as well. But that is what Conservatives needed: someone to stand up for us, for our values, for God and for Country. Trump does that relentlessly.

The Left can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

Trump stays strong and has amazing fortitude to keep pushing forward. He has made more deals to benefit the United States of America than any president. Trump even brokers deals with nefarious countries and dictators. He is doing it out of a dedication to this country. Our president is making our country safe again, and yes, making it great again.

The Left calls us mean. They say it’s a character issue for those of us that support Trump.
Mean – let that word sink in for a minute. We’re mean? Trump is just besting them at their own game, which simply enrages them. It’s fascinating to watch actually. There’s a psychology to what he is doing. He’s unraveling them at the seams.

The Left has no core.

The Left has no idea who they are at the core. Because they are a franchise of people that fed off of each other for decades deluding themselves into believing the last lie the person in front of them told. The Left caves to the pressure of likeness and sameness. Everything they espouse is a lie. They lie to themselves and justify their actions and reactions. These are always someone else’s fault – mostly Conservatives and of course Trump – yes definitely Trump. It’s always Trump’s fault. That is the most intellectually lazy argument. They have nothing else. We elected Trump because we didn’t have the fight in us to combat this insidious opponent. So, as they got bigger, meaner, more corrupt and more vocal, we got quieter.

Trump is squashing them where the stand. It’s actually brilliant to watch.

Our political landscape has definitely changed since the day Trump and Melania rode down the escalator. The left underestimated him, and by doing that, they underestimated the millions and millions of Americans that love this country, love God and want to preserve our rights under the Constitution. We really and truly love this country. Donald Trump in his quest to Make America Great Again, stoked a sleeping giant. He made us believe that winning again is possible not just for us individually, but for America and for Americans. He is the vanguard that conservatives and Americans have needed for such a long time.

At the end of the day – Trump fights for me and he is fights for my family. He fights for our Veterans. And he fights for blacks, women and minorities. He is fighting to protect us from China and Iran. Trump takes punches everyday because he believes in the United States of America.

He is strong and determined. He is waging war on those in the Liberal party and around the world that want to continually corrupt America.

Vote Donald Trump. Watch the magic continue as we Make America Great Again.

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