REPORT: What Sunlight does to Coronavirus and Democrats

I saw a headline for an article that read: Sunlight makes Coronavirus turn negative. And of course I chuckled. Because sunlight performs that same trick on Democrats.

Sunlight, as in the light of day.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

    • Sensible sun exposure that raises your vitamin D level has once again been tied to lowering the number of positive SARS-CoV-2 tests
    • Positive tests and deaths have declined over the summer, which may be the result of higher humidity, vitamin D and spending more time outside
    • Vitamin D continues to demonstrate effectiveness against infectious diseases, yet deficiency is at a pandemic level across the world
    • You can also reduce your risk of severe disease by becoming metabolically flexible, using molecular hydrogen, quercetin and zinc and becoming familiar with the MATH+ protocol

So it appears that something as simple as sunlight either kills or reduces the Wuflu. Yes America, it’s really that simple. And there is that worldwide effective remedy of hydroxychloroquine that the Leftists attempted to ridicule when President Trump mentioned it.

Sunlight shines on the Leftist propaganda meant to keep Americans believing the hoax of the Chinese virus. Now, the jig is up. Thanks to governors like De Santis in Florida, the rest of America will open and remove these stupid masks.

Where else will the sunlight hit? I’m taking an educated guess in betting on John Durham’s report.

Every time we get an idea of when the report is due to come we get a delay. I’m guessing more sunlight gets shined on the actions of Democrats. Thus, Durham connects a few more dots.

But we don’t need Durham’s report necessarily. We have a wealth of information surrounding other shenanigans. Like the revelation that we know Hillary Clinton started the hoax.

Here’s what I wrote about the subject:

Surprise! Recent declassified information implicates Hillary Clinton in the Russian collusion hoax. Who knew?

Well, as it turns out almost everybody in the Obama administration.

A newly declassified letter from the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to Senator Lindsey Graham suggests Hillary Clinton planned the hoax. And in case you’re wondering why John Durham didn’t arrest former CIA head John Brennan, he may have turned on Clinton. It seems Brennan briefed Obama and Biden.

The Clintons may be yesterday’s news, but people still want justice to be served. And while that justice brews, eyes fall squarely on the Bidens.

Yet another family of crooks, particularly Hunter Biden.

Much to Joe Biden’s consternation, Hunter Biden was discussed in some depth during the first presidential debate. As I explained in another post:

During the debate, the president stole Joe Biden’s pre-planned salvo. Biden practiced falsely accusing the president of calling the troops losers. He waited for his moment to insert the line into the debate.

Predictably, Biden spoke of the “stellar” service of his son Beau. The good son. The one who served a year in Iraq. Biden used the typical Leftist ploy and invoked the military when needed, even if only by proxy. Biden didn’t disappoint, as he tried to use the death of his son for political fodder.

President Trump dismissed Biden’s nonsense. Instead, he fired back,

Partial transcript:

Trump: “Oh yeah. Really? You talking about Hunter, are you talking about Hunter?

Biden: I’m talking about my son Beau Biden.

Trump: I don’t know, I don’t know Beau, I know Hunter. {Biden interrupts: ‘Yeah you know Beau}

Trump continues: Hunter got thrown, Hunter got thrown out of the military, he was thrown out dishonorably discharged {Biden interrupts: “That’s not true”} for cocaine use and he didn’t have a job until you became VP, {Biden interrupts: “None of that is true.”} when you became VP he made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow {Biden interrupts: “That is simply not true.”} and many other places, and he didn’t have a job.

Biden was clearly shaken. The moment meant to demonize Trump to the military turned quickly on Biden.

Ironically, Trump forced Biden to abandon the “valor” part of his speech. Instead Biden was forced to address the issue of Hunter Biden.

Shifting gears, Biden tries to appeal to Average Joe American regarding Hunter Biden’s drug problem. He pleaded to those suffering the same fate.

Trump jumped in quickly. And he reminded Americans that ordinary Americans with drug problems don’t get the “Hunter treatment”.

Trump interrupts, asking, “But why was he given tens of millions of dollars?”




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