Soon! Fox News Anchor Will Be GONE!

As many conservatives have learned, Fox News is not conservative news. It’s not even moderate news.

Save a few evening hosts, the network is replete with Leftists. And one of their Leftist hosts mysteriously vanished from the network for a couple of weeks.

Melissa Francis, Fox News, TeamKJ, Kevin Jackson

Melissa Francis works at Fox News Business and makes frequent appearances on Outnumbered. By Fox News standards, she’s a perfect fit: young, ok-looking-blonde, Leftist. But when she asked for more money, Fox News drew the line.
Apparently not enough “intersectionality”? Holy Mother of Rachel Dolezal, if only Francis were a Black woman?!
Of course, Fox didn’t give much of a statement on the matter. Francis hasn’t been seen since October 7th, but the network said “she’s still employed,” and then threw in that they were doing some “revamping.”
The LA Times reported:

“Fox News Media regularly considers programming changes, including to its daytime lineup, and will launch new formats as appropriate after the election,” the representative said in a statement. “These changes are being made independent of any other ongoing matter.”

But there’s another story floating around. And according to those rumors, Francis met the same fate as Kevin Jackson. Of course, Jackson was fired for calling Christine Blasey-Ford a lying skank- a matter that eventually proved to be the cold, hard, truth. So what crime is Francis guilty of that warranted her firing?

Apparently, Francis filed a gender-based complaint against the network and subsequently worked for the network for more than a year without a contract. And in the world of cable news, you’re as good as dead without a contract.

And from what we hear, the complaint alleged that Francis was underpaid in relation to her male counterparts.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Wasn’t Fox News already in trouble for their treatment of women? They got rid of Roger Ailes, Ed Henry and Howard Kurtz all for their inappropriate behavior.  Even Bill O’Reilly got the big ax. Then the network tried to distance itself from its dirty reputation.

That’s pretty much when FOX also started inviting leftism to flood their airwaves. But according to Fox, they’ve changed, and for the better!

“Fox News did revamp mandatory harassment and discrimination prevention compliance training, and was recently certified by the research firm Great Places to Work. The network acted quickly in firing longtime anchor Ed Henry earlier this year following a harassment complaint from a female colleague.”

Further rumors claim Dianne Brandi, the former General Counsel for the network, told her “men make more than women do, that’s just the way it works,” when Francis complained about pay disparity between her and male counterparts. Of course, we have no idea if that truly happened. But it seems plausible considering the past record of the network.

I wonder if Fox actually believes they morphed into a “great place to work,” especially for women? That certification is nothing but glorified defensive driving. How many of you have sat through a few hours of some boring guy reminding you of the road rules about caution signs and speed limits? Did you actually leave with some renewed sense of driver-safety? Or were you just there for that little certificate to wipe away a ticket or get a discount on your insurance? That’s what Fox did.

They sat through a little training and claimed a renewed dedication to equality among the sexes.

But change isn’t actually the priority for Fox News.

And neither is truth. If you’re wondering why Fox morphed from “conservative news” to the liberal trash they now air, the answer is simple. They’re playing the odds. They believe if they play to the liberal left, and they win, Fox will reap the rewards.

There’s only one problem with that strategy. They chose the wrong odds to believe in. And in the corner of their minds, they know it. Which is why the keep conservatives like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. That’s the back-up plan. When Trump wins again, Fox will claim to be conservatives all along.

But like my grandpa used to say, you can’t just sit on the fence.

You’ve got to choose a side. Thus, Fox News might want to change their strategy now. Keep their conservative voices and stop coddling Democrats. Fox might be on top of the ratings today, but as CNN proves, moving to the left is quite costly.




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