The Truth Behind Kamala’s Time Out

When I started working for Kevin Jackson, I came from the world of mom blogging. Politics was my passion even as a kid. So I was excited to change lanes. But at first, I definitely kept the two worlds separated.

Perhaps the most awesome thing I’ve experienced the past four years is the political awakening in my own house. Of my seven kids, one is a musician and she’s no liberal, but she’s not into politics enough to weigh in on most issues. As for the other six, hard core conservatives ready to do battle 24/7. And the clown of the crew has been ejected from a classroom for shouting “Trump 2020.”

I wasn’t always sure it would turn out that way, as one of my sons demanded I give them only facts and allow them to process on their own. As a parent, that is a huge challlenge. Kids are, by design, the people we get to influence. But I can honestly say it’s so much more fulfilling to watch them formulate their own opinions.

That’s exactly how Kamala Harris ended up the topic of conversation this week. Because I’m not just a mom. I’m a Texas FOOTBALL Mom. That’s a thing all its own. As such, I’ve seen one daughter dance on the drill team, five sons tackle on the gridiron, and the youngest girl is a cheerleader. When I picked her up Wednesday, we were discussing the fact that another team forfeited for the week, and we were left without a game.

“I don’t think they have coronavirus,” she said. “I think they just didn’t want to lose.”


Earlier the same day, I was on the phone with a co-worker. And he said the same thing. “Kamala isn’t worried about covid. She’s such a disaster, no one wants her on the trail.”

And there you have it, our society’s latest phenomenon. The WuFlu Excuse. It’s much easier to say Harris was exposed to the virus than it is to admit no one actually likes her.

The way I see it, Democrats have two HUGE problems with all this.

First, as Kevin Jackson put it, Biden won’t make it four years. It’s almost a guaranteed. As such, voters are forced to consider Kamala the real candidate for president. And if they didn’t like her a month ago, her debate with Mike Pence only cemented their positions.

Harris is not liked by Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. She is not liked by Blacks, whites, Latinos, even Indians. Women dislike her, as do men. No plurality of groups want Harris to run the country.

Even Biden has some demographic that likes him. I can’t actually remember which one, but they did exist. Of course, the events of the past week surely changed that. Which brings me to the second problem Democrats face.

The More Kamala Talks, the More Questions She’ll Face!

Democrats need to keep her out of the public eye. Because they need her to bring the black vote. And that’s a real problem, thanks to Hunter Biden.

Talking with Kevin, he put it like this. “There’s no way black folks can buy the excuses for Hunter Biden. Because black folks know a crackhead son who just got booted from the military can’t come home and land a job making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month for something he knows nothing about. It doesn’t jive.”

So, what can the left do? It’s seemingly too late to pick another candidate. So, they stubbornly double down on the Harris-Biden ticket. And if the only way to cash that ticket in is to keep Biden and Harris out of view. Thus, the only play left is the WuFlu Excuse.

This way, Democrats can pretend Donald Trump is public enemy number one. He mismanaged covid so badly, poor Joe and Kamala are dealing with possible exposure.

But again, Democrats fall on their own sword. Because Trump actually got the virus. And then he got over it. He didn’t suspend his campaign. Trump is out there right now exposing Democrats for their lies and corruption. Trump took a dose of WuFlu and drained the swamp anyway.

What does that mean for Biden-Harris? I think it means they just got run over by a train.




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