Trump HINTED about Hunter Biden Emails during First Debate

I’m convinced that people no longer know what to look for as it relates to sanity in politics.

For example, Democrats tried a coup, yet nobody involved is in prison.

Here’s another example. Hillary Clinton intentionally destroyed evidence that would implicate her family in racketeering. But the Clintons still live a life of luxury, outside of prison.

And now we learn the truth about the Bidens. A family who sat on the outside watching as the Obamas, the Clintons and many other elites got rich. But the Bidens got crumbs. Joe Biden had seen enough.

So when he was placed in charge of regions of the world, he decided to feather the family nest. Others got away with it, so why shouldn’t he? But Biden had a series of problems he didn’t foresee.

First, Biden didn’t have the protection racket as established as that of Obama or the Clintons. Sure, the institutional swamp would do what it could. But Biden had no real clout, as most DC insiders considered Biden a buffoon.

Second, Biden had a crackhead for a son. And as I’ve stated, don’t rely on crackheads.

I’ve written on various October surprises, beginning with President Trump declassifying the Mueller investigation information as well as State Department emails. But the biggest “tell” of the next October surprise may have come during the first debate.

The hint came as Chris Wallace asked the candidates about a “smooth transition of power”. In Trump’s comments, he said something revealing.


So, when I listen to Joe talking about a transition, there’s been no transition from when I won. I won that election.

And if you look at crooked Hillary Clinton if you look at all of the different people, there was no transition, because they came after me trying to do a coup. They came after me spying on my campaign; they started from the day I won an even before I won. From the day I came down the escalator with our first lady, they were a disaster they were disgrace to our country, and we’ve caught ‘em; we’ve caught him all. We’ve got it all on tape we’ve caught ‘em all.

And by the way you gave the idea for the Logan act against General Flynn, you’d better take a look at that. Because we caught you in a sense and President Obama was sitting in the office he knew about it. Too. So don’t tell me about a free transition.

Rudy Giuliani has been in possession of this information for some time. So the president had to know what was coming.

The drip campaign has begun. And it won’t bring down just the Bidens. The Democrats will fall under the weight of this scandal.








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