Trump Pushes CA Governor to Rethink Reparations

The Trump-Biden debate apparently inspired California Governor Gavin Newsom to get out there and fix something.

Of course, Newsom can’t fix much of anything. California is plagued by homelessness, wildfires, energy crisis (the bankruptcy of Pacific Gas & Electric), housing, unemployment, and then there’s that whole debacle of being over-run by Democrats. California definitely has plenty of issues that could use tackling by a strong leader.

But instead of taking of something of real importance, Newsom decided now is the time to focus on slavery. But Newsome is overlooking one important little detail. California entered the union as a free state in 1850.

In fact, California was part of the compromise of 1850 that ironed out the issue of slavery when it was still a hot topic. To be very clear, California didn’t have slaves as part of their entrance into the United States.

From their own Department of Parks and Recreation:

California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850. The Golden State’s rich history has since been shaped by people of every ethnic background who traveled here seeking economic, social and educational opportunity, and a life of quality and breathtaking beauty.

So, I guess Newsom just loves to throw money in the trash. Yet, he wonders why Trump wants to cut him off like a bad nephew kicked out of the will.

AB3121 Task Force

Now, Newsom didn’t say “form a line and pick up your check.” Instead, he needed bureaucratic bravado to waste a few million first. Especially since Newsom hopes his policies become the model for all other liberal-led states in the union.

This move allows the task force to hold hearings and investigations. Imagine that! But we all know investigating is the leftist go-to move whenever they need to waste a lot of time and money for no good reason.

As Newsom put it, he strives to create “a paradigm that we hope will be resonant all across the United States.”

But, as Breitbart explains, there is at least one problem.

The criteria for selection to the nine-member task force appear to be racial. But California’s constitution currently bans discrimination on the basis of race. (That may change, if voters approve Proposition 16 in November.)

The text of AB 3121 states: “Members shall be drawn from diverse backgrounds to represent the interests of communities of color throughout the state.”

Becoming Black

If you’re feeling a little left out because you weren’t a slave, your great-grandpa wasn’t a slave, and you’re not even black, don’t worry, you can apply for reparations too!

At least, that’s how I understand it, now that California decided you can “self-identify as black.”

According to the legislative counsel’s digest, AB 979 requires public companies to have “a minimum of one director from an underrepresented community, as defined.”

It will also “require, no later than the close of the 2022 calendar year, such a corporation with more than 4 but fewer than 9 directors to have a minimum of 2 directors from underrepresented communities, and such a corporation with 9 or more directors to have a minimum of 3 directors from underrepresented communities.”

The text of the law defines a member of an “underrepresented community” as “an individual who self-identifies as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native, or who self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.”

The law does not indicate how to distinguish someone who “self-identifies” as black from someone who is actually black, for example.

So now, California companies all need minorities and women on their boards of directors. But if they don’t have any minorities or women, someone can just claim to be one. Wow, will logic ever cease?

Show Me the Money!

Slavery was abolished more than a hundred and fifty years ago. Thus, no former slaves are walking around town wishing they could move to the good side. But, by all means, if leftists want to throw out some money in hopes of erasing century-old hurt feelings, let’s all get in line.

Or, as Kevin Jackson put it:

How about President Trump issue an executive order whereby any white person who discusses reparations, should:

      • Give his or her job to the nearest black person
      • Relinquish his or her possessions to the nearest black person

You want to see blacks and whites hanging together, issue that EO. I will attend NOTHING but Hollywood cocktail parties, where I try to trick dumbass white Leftists into saying, “reparations” so I can take their fat homes in Beverly Hills.

“SAY IT…REPARATIONS, George Clooney!”


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