Trump Team DEMANDS Almost $1 Million from former Staffer

For those who think Trump sits idly by when his inner circle turns on him, think again.

Trump knows many people flocked to him for the money. They wanted in on the fame and riches. So, it’s only fitting to hit them where it hurts when they decide to jump ship. And for most leftists, money does all the talking.

Such is the case for former White House aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman.

In case you were sleeping under a rock for the last decade, Omarosa rose to fame on Trump’s hit, The Apprentice. However, she was always fraught with drama. Before her time on reality TV, she held a lucrative job in the Clinton Administration.

As Business Insider tells us:

Her former colleagues described her tenure as rocky, including Cheryl Shavers, the former Under Secretary for Technology at the Commerce Department, who said that “she was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive,” according to People.

“One woman wanted to slug her,” Shavers said.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. This vixen revealed her own character over and over again.

She was voted off the Apprentice in week 9 of her season. But Trump continued to throw her a bone. She appeared in several spin-offs, including one crafted solely around her. “The Ultimate Merger” featured twelve men, hand-picked by Trump, competing for Omarosa’s affection. Funny, I don’t recall her accusations of racism back then. Of course, I never watched the show, but I’m sure if Omarosa called Trump a racist, while dining on his dollar, it would’ve hit the news feeds.

But, in fact, Omarosa never believed Trump to be a racist. Instead, she took a position as the vice-chair of the National Diversity Coalition during Trump’s first campaign, and later she accepted a formal role as director of African-American outreach in July 2015. Eventually, Omarosa joined Trump’s transition team. But guess what happened next?

Loving Donald Trump lost it’s “cool factor.” Suddenly, Omarosa “realized Trump is real racist.” Imagine that, after all the fame, money, and fringe benefits Omarosa received, she got WOKE.

But that’s okay, because Donald Trump had his own kind of awakening.

Enter the almost Million Dollar Demand

There’s a reason we call Trump the chess master. He’s always five moves ahead. And he knows how to use the rules to his advantage. Now, his campaign seeks a “corrective remedy” for Omarosa’s scathing memoir. I guess Omarosa was unaware that slander is frowned upon by the courts.

According to The Hill:

The Trump campaign last week filed a document from an expert witness, obtained by the [New York] Times, in the arbitration case over Manigault Newman’s comments against Trump in her 2018 book “Unhinged” and associated interviews.

The filing was written by Eric Rose, a crisis management expert, who proposed that Manigault Newman could fund an advertising campaign that would cost more than $846,000. He did not mention a designated timeline for the advertising campaign, but the document mentions “voters” and was filed weeks ahead of Election Day, the Times noted.

“It would be my recommendation that Ms. Manigault Newman pays for the corrective ads/corrective statements outlined above to counteract the long-term adverse effects of information that appeared as a result of Ms. Manigault Newman violating her confidentially agreement,” he said, according to the Times.

Let’s be clear. Trump doesn’t need the money. He could write a check tomorrow to cover such an ad campaign. But this is about fighting fire with fire. I think its safe to say Trump’s second term will bring much vindication to our president. And everyone from Pelosi to Omarosa will find themselves without a platform.

But I have to say, there is one thing about all this that leaves me baffled.

In an alternate universe, leftists accepted defeat in 2016. Then, they boarded the Trump train. Destination: Paradise. Because the conductor has the golden touch. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that ride? And if I’m thinking out loud, I have to add this. I wonder how many Democrats will do it differently once the dust settles on November 3rd?


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