Trump TIPPED October Surprise Strategy during First Debate

All of America knows Hunter Biden now. But not because the media dare do its job and expose the crackhead Biden for his dirty deeds. Hunter Biden is widely known, because President Trump just made him a household word.

How many drug addicts with ties to prostitution and human trafficking do you know who sit on boards of multinational companies? Allow me to answer: ONE. Hunter Biden.

And if former Vice President never to be president Joe Biden believes this issue is going away, he’s twice demented.

During the debate, the president stole Joe Biden’s pre-planned salvo. Biden practiced falsely accusing the president of calling the troops losers. He waited for his moment to insert the line into the debate.

Predictably, Biden spoke of the “stellar” service of his son Beau. The good son. The one who served a year in Iraq. Biden used the typical Leftist ploy and invoke the military when needed, even if only by proxy. Biden didn’t disappoint, as he tried to use the death of his son for political fodder.

President Trump dismissed Biden’s nonsense. Instead, he fired back,

Partial transcript:

Trump: “Oh yeah. Really? You talking about Hunter, are you talking about Hunter?

Biden: I’m talking about my son Beau Biden.

Trump: I don’t know, I don’t know Beau, I know Hunter. {Biden interrupts: ‘Yeah you know Beau}

Trump continues: Hunter got thrown, Hunter got thrown out of the military, he was thrown out dishonorably discharged {Biden interrupts: “That’s not true”} for cocaine use and he didn’t have a job until you became VP, {Biden interrupts: “None of that is true.”} when you became VP he made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow {Biden interrupts: “That is simply not true.”} and many other places, and he didn’t have a job.

Biden was clearly shaken. The moment meant to demonize Trump to the military turned quickly on Biden.

Ironically, Trump forced Biden to abandon the “valor” part of his speech. Instead Biden was forced to address the issue of Hunter Biden.

Shifting gears, Biden tries to appeal to Average Joe American regarding Hunter Biden’s drug problem. He pleaded to those suffering the same fate.

Trump jumped in quickly. And he reminded Americans that ordinary Americans with drug problems don’t get the “Hunter treatment”.

Trump interrupts, asking, “But why was he given tens of millions of dollars?”

The death blow; at least to that part of the debate. Trump derailed Biden’s “little engine that could”…NOT!

Still, Trump wasn’t done hammering Joe Biden on his son, as this video shows:

Trump challenges Biden again on Hunter Biden:

“China ate your lunch, Joe; and no wonder your son goes there and he takes, he takes out billions of dollars to manage. He makes millions of dollars. And also, while we’re at it, just out of curiosity, the mayor of Moscow’s wife gave your son $3.5 million, what did he do to deserve that?”

Biden argued the report had been “totally discredited” by “everybody”. Not everyone who mattered, because the statement by Trump is a fact. And the more we learn about Hunter’s dealings with the world, the worse things get for Pops.

No sane person believes that a person with Hunter Biden’s tainted drug-infused history benefits so greatly without the help of his VP father. Joe Biden pretends Hunter’s problems are behind him, but Hunter’s actions speak otherwise.

CNN’s John King on Wednesday recognizes the inevitability. He’s alerting Democrats to understand that albatross of Hunter Biden isn’t going away. During this interview he calls Hunter Biden a “liability”. Then he goes even further, calling him a “swamp creature.”

The Democrats have serious times ahead of them. And if they think canceling debates will help, they are mistaken.

Debates or no debates, Trump will get this information into the court of public opinion. People are seeing this now.



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