Trump’s Traps: MASSIVE October Surprises Coming

President Trump-dropped nukes will eventually kill even the most radiation-hardened Democrat cockroaches and swamp rats. They are dead men walking, and most of them know it.

President Trump began dropping bombs this week. Like when he stopped negotiating with Nancy Pelosi on “stimulus” over the Wuflu. And in doing so, he explained to the world that he would look into it after re-election. Bold statement, akin to Obama’s discussion with Medveyev about his “flexibility” after the election.

Trump will have a lot more flexibility. And he began flexing early. Because what he did after he stopped negotiations with Pelosi sent shockwaves through DC.

The president authorized the release of all formerly classified materials related to the Russian collusion fake news bullsh*t narrative and Hillary Clinton’s emails. But he wasn’t finished helping Leftist America connect the dots.

Next, his Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe released documents proving that Hillary Clinton was behind the Russian collusion scam. In that document dump we learned how former CIA Director John Brennan got his “get out of jail free” card from U.S. Attorney John Durham. Because Ratcliffe sent a treasure trove of documents to U.S. Attorney John Durham.

But Trump had more ammo in his arsenal.

Next, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised to release to the public all of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails. That dump has happened.

Wow! What a week, Conservatives! Even the fake news media busies itself sifting through the mounds of declassified documents. And they will be forced to begin the horrible task of informing their patrons that Leftism sucks and then you die.

Many of you were shocked by these developments. However, some of you hold out for more. And I say to the holdouts, you won’t be disappointed. However, Democrats, I suggest you find something to hold on to. Because President Trump is only getting started.

I’ve discussed this on my radio show and on other shows. I’ve warned Democrats that President Trump knows how to direct a show. He didn’t have a hit reality show without learning a few tricks.

While the latest revelations are indeed shockers, what will come over the next couple of weeks will make this stuff look like cotton candy.

Richard Grenell alluded to this, when he warned other agencies within the Department of Justice to stop stonewalling. That day has come. The stonewalling ended. So what’s next?

Who knows?! That’s the fun part. Watching Trump torment the Left, as he drops hints here and there. In the hint department, I have a few ideas based on the debate, for example.

For instance, this burning question. Anybody think a crackhead like Hunter Biden covered all his tracks? Crackheads are not reliable as a rule. And the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, when it comes to making moronic decisions. So is Hunter Biden reliable in sticking to the story?

Already we know that Ukraine confirmed money that went to the crooked Biden family. What will we learn about this over the next couple of weeks?

Also, who on Comey’s team will crack? Should we expect information leaks to the press?

And what about The Clinton Foundation? What will those emails reveal that show the Clintons colluding, conspiring to get money? We’ve uncovered a few issues and we only did a superficial glance.

The stench in the Obama administration started at the top and permeated the entire organization. Soon the world will know just how corrupt Obama is. So again I say to Leftists, are you willing to keep your wager on your horse?

I believe Trump has enough information he’s holding against Democrats to drop nukes daily until the election.

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