Undecided Voters SHATTER Democrats’ 2020 Election Dreams

Despite James Clapper’s declaration that Hunter Biden’s email is “Russia Russia Russia”, the public isn’t buying it.

In the video below, when asked by Frank Luntz if Hunter Biden’s emails would influence their votes, only one person responds. But then watch what happens:

It began with one. One man was concerned about Biden not wanting to answer questions on Hunter Biden. He said his two issues for not supporting Biden is Joe Biden’s refusal to talk about his son and fracking.

He added later that the media refuses to talk about the story. Then he understood how the large social media platforms were shutting down people for mentioning this story. He described the tactics as “scary”.

Then, a second man raised his hand. He mentioned lying and cheating, two of Biden’s most glaring character flaws. These descriptors interested me, because I know Biden to be a pathological liar. Further, he will do anything to get ahead.

Biden lied about his grades, he lied about the death of his first wife, and he continually lies about his record.

As the panel contemplates the comments, a third man speaks up. He adds to the media question, saying how is it possible that with 12 days to make a decision the media was not interested in covering such a big issue.

In making sense of almost any stories today, one only need to ask oneself what the first woman says:

“If it were Trump, the media would be all over it”.

And for man who wants to bring back the soul of America, character is a question, added one of the earlier men who commented.

A second woman joined the chorus, saying that Biden should want to address the issue of his drug-addicted son being dragged all over the world on to get these deals. She alluded that people want to know what’s happening. She later added something about Uzbekistan and Hunter getting bags of money in the desert.

Finally, a third woman, the black lady agrees.


In a period of two minutes, you watched ONE man change the minds of 5 other people. One strong-willed person of character dared to point out the problems with Joe Biden’s obvious help getting his son crooked deals. Then suddenly, there were two. And lets be clear, race played no part in the logical awakening that occured.

The video below depicts the fate of Democrats. When he begins dancing, people stare. But when the second person joins, everybody followed.

For Leftists who missed it, America is far past two people dancing. The whole country soon dances; on Joe and Hunter Bidens’ metaphorical graves.

And that video showcases exactly how people are reacting to the Hunter Biden story.

At first one strong-willed person decides to speak out. He or she identifies the obvious parts of the story. A story where nobody actually denies that the computer belongs to Hunter Biden.

Next, they recognize how Democrats wish to squash the story. And how media and social media tries to debunk glaring truth. Thus, Americans dig deeper.

As that group did, they began to unravel the facts. A drug-addict doesn’t do this alone. And he shouldn’t be getting cash from foreign nations.

Suddenly, they refocus on Biden. “Soul of the nation” tour? How does Biden represent the soul of the nation? He’s actually full of malarkey.

Democrats will get the truth on November 3rd. And it will be long overdue. Because Americans have tired of the lies. We now wait for REAL justice in lots of areas. And it will come after November 3rd clarifies the fact that real Americans want Donald Trump.

Here’s my take on the whole sordid affair.


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