YIKES: The Latest Biden Rally (video)

I wish I had a nickel for every Democrat who knows this clown will never be president. I could stack those nickels to the moon and back.

Look at this Biden rally and tell me this man will be president. There aren’t enough dead people votes to elect Biden in ten elections.

Biden-Harris may use the excuse of social distancing if they want. But the public knows better.

The Democrats signal daily their fear of a Biden loss. If they were truthful, they would admit it, and we could just move graciously into Trump’s second term.

Despite their behavior, this election is undoubtedly the most important in Democrats’ history. These anti-American assholes have done everything within their power to undo the election of President Trump. Yet they failed.

Unfortunately for them, Democrats met their most potent adversary. They orchestrated for Trump and got him. Unintentionally, they grabbed a Tiger by the tail. And Trump trounced their sorry asses. And the losses continue. So much so that Democrats have gone from losing to lost. Because Trump winning against Democrats is a foregone conclusion, just like this election. Thus, the crazy behavior of Democrats.

For example, their first action item: Democrats picked a horrible candidate.

An old feeble deranged white man. Worse, Biden’s past is almost as bad as Hillary Clinton’s. Still, Biden offered the best chance for election. How sad is that?!

Democrats selected Biden based purely on his resume; a resume so thin on accomplishment, it should embarrass anybody with an intellect about that of a baboon.

As I say often on my radio show, Biden remains shocked at how far he got on so little. This is why he back-fills his resume with lies. Unbelievably, Democrats know that Biden is a pathological liar.

Next, they selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. A real head-scratcher of a choice, as Harris offers nothing to the ticket. No black vote, no new female vote, and no battleground state muscle. She brings a ghetto black chick attitude to a ticket that needed a rock star.

Thus, the campaign limps along. So much so that the press won’t even cover Biden. And what about the laughable excuse from the campaign?

So we are clear, the Biden camp doesn’t want to publicize their KICKOFF events to keep their locations secret and not draw a crowd? I discussed this the other day, highlighting a video where the reporters showed not a single Biden supporter in all of Phoenix.

Social distancing notwithstanding, did you see anybody lined up along the roadway holding Biden-Harris signs? Zilch, zero, nada.

That was the most secret campaign event in the history of campaign events. Still, the press figured out where Biden was. But nobody else did? Not a single “Arizonans for Biden” leaked that Biden was coming?

Or perhaps they DID leak it, and nobody showed? Either way, what an epic embarrassment. And undoubtedly a reality check for anybody evaluating this campaign objectively.

But Democrats believe they can cheat their way in. They believe they can use ballot-harvesting to make people believe Biden won with an overwhelming voter tally.

If they believe Trump will take this lying down, they are sadly mistaken. And neither will the American people.

Democrats claim they will burn down America if Biden isn’t elected. That’s meant to scare the country. But note that Republicans say nothing. Because if Democrats cheat this election, I firmly believe Republicans will revolt like Leftists never thought possible.

We know that Biden cannot win this election. There exists no enthusiasm for Biden, even within his own party. Look again at the videos above. Ask yourself what crowds Trump would draw under the same circumstances.



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