Biden Puts First Move in Play: Masks for ALL

Biden is ready to make some mandates. In fact, he plans to come out of the gate on the attack.

What’s his first agenda item? To make sure all Americans wear masks at all times.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought this was America, land of the free. We might as well move to the middle East and break out the face coverings.

According to Joe Biden, he’s going to work with state governments to put his mandate in place. He wants every American to wear a mask the moment they leave their own homes, and to keep them on at all times. And if the state governors refuse, he’ll move on to the local municipalities. In other words, he doesn’t plan to give up on the masks until he’s destroyed autonomy in every corner of the country.

Fox News adds:

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel believes that while masks are “the icing on the physical distancing cake” and should be worn properly indoors when people are too close together, a more punitive approach to mask wearing may have the opposite impact of what the administration intends.

“I think masks are quite useful, but they have a place and they’re not the be all and end all,” Siegel said. “I’m worried that mandating this with fines and such may actually lead to more of a rebellion against it.”

He noted that the use of masks should be determined based on how much of the virus is in a specific area rather than mandating it everywhere.

As for social distancing, Biden’s plan says it will be used as more of a “dial” approach that will determine the risk of spread using evidence-based guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a move Siegel believes is a mistake.

“I don’t think social distancing is dial. I think masks are a dial,” Siegel said. “Social distancing is something we should just be doing right now. You never know how much virus was in the community.”

To Mask or Not to Mask?

Look, I’m no doctor, but from where I sit, this mask business is seriously over-hyped. Mask makers and doctors agree that masks don’t provide a sure-fire defense from covid-19. But I understand the point. My father is fighting liver cancer. My mother-in-law is fighting small cell carcinoma. I have three conditions on the “list” of those most at-risk. Therefore, I understand why some people want to avoid this virus like the plague. But you can’t force people to be courteous. And that’s what wearing a mask is, a courtesy.

On another note, I know mental issues still carry a certain stigma, but many people I’ve talked to over the past several months tell me these masks cause anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, and all-out meltdowns. Is it fair to force these people to wear these masks? Or can we just let them decide if the risk outweighs the reward.

Furthermore, I keep wondering what will happen to our immune systems after months of this careful filtration of germs? Will it make us stronger? Because logic tells me that if we stop fighting off germs, our ability to fight might be compromised. It’s kind of like when you’re 40 and you try to show your kids the tricks you used to do on your bicycle. You get off, and take a winded breath, and then sigh a big sigh while mumbling “damn, it’s not as easy as it used to be.”

What about a vaccination?

My mother-in-law told me a story years ago about a kid in the extended family catching the chicken pox. So, she gathered up all the kids, went over and stayed with the chicken pox child, and made sure everyone got the virus and got over it.

Was that better than getting the vaccine? I’m not sure. I’ve read so much about the dangers of vaccines, and at one time considered not allowing my children to be vaccinated. Then my father, who spent thirty years as a fireman/paramedic, told me about sick children he watched suffer because they were fighting off viruses they easily could’ve avoided. And according to what he’s witnessed with his own eyes, he gave kids many vaccines in free clinics over the years. And he never saw a child develop autism afterwards.

So who’s right? Is it my father, because he saw the good vaccines did with his own eyes? OR are the researches right? Because they have mounds of facts and experiments in which they tested the vaccines under carefully controlled parameters?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter who’s right!

What matters is that this is America. I have the choice whether to believe vaccines can save my child or will harm him. This is America. I have the right to choose whether I wear a mask or I avoid them. And while we’re at it, let me just say this is America. I have the right to vote as I see fit and have my vote accurately recorded.

I’m not going to lie, I’m worried for our future. To be clear, I’m not worried because my candidate didn’t win. I’m worried because no matter which way you slice it, you know there were a lot of strange things going on during the election. Not all the ballots were issued fairly or recorded fairly. And that’s not fair to the right, or the left. Our power rests in the ballot box. And as such, no one has the right to manipulate that data.

And to be perfectly honest, I just don’t understand the logic of voting for Joe Biden. Sure, Trump isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But to back-pedal to a man who already lived in the big White House and didn’t accomplish his list of promises, or even come close, it leaves me baffled.

Thus, to already hear Biden’s plans to infringe on my freedom, well it makes me want to walk around and shake people by the shoulders. How could you cast a vote for a sleepy, creepy, racist, backstabbing, lying loser like Joe Biden? I think it’s going to be a long time before I can understand what just happened.

So far, all I can come up with is “this must be cheating of epic proportions.” I can’t prove it. But nothing else makes sense.






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