CNN ACKNOWLEDGES that Trump likely will get his Second Term

The situation with The Big Cheat vexes Democrats. They went DefCon 1 and dropped their nuke on Trump. He emerged unscathed, wearing a tux.

The lovely Melania on his arm, President Trump continues his daily activities of being president.

Thus, the realization has begun setting in for the Leftists. They parade Biden around like a Weekend at Bernie’s President-Elect. But in reality, Biden is just a rotting corpse the Democrats will soon be forced to discard.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria commented on President Trump’s inevitable outcome. A second term.


There are ways that are legal and constitutional that could enable Trump to stay in office without actually winning the vote. The system of electing the president is complicated, because it was not designed to be directly Democratic. The Constitution calls for states to choose the presidential electors who in turn gather to vote for the president. Over time, states have passed laws that ensured their states popular vote for the presidency would determine the electors. But those are laws; not a constitutional obligation.

Now imagine the scenario during election week, Trump is leading on November 3rd but Joe Biden pulls ahead in the days following. Republicans file objections to tens of thousands of mail-in ballots, Democrats file countersuits taking account of the confusion. Legislators decide to choose the electors themselves.

Here’s the worry. Of the 9 swing states, 8 have Republican legislators if one or more decide that balloting is chaotic and marred by irregularities, they could send what they regard as the legitimate slate of electors which would be Republican. Democrats may object and file lawsuits in some of those states. Democratic governors or secretaries of state could send their own slates of electors to Washington. That would add to the confusion; but that might well be part of the Republican plan.

Cause you see when Congress convenes on January 6th to tally the electors votes, there would be challenges to the legitimacy of some electors. It’s possible congressional Republicans could decide that disputed states should simply not be counted. Supposing the scenario Michigan’s votes are invalidated, that would ensure that neither candidate would get to 270 electoral votes.

At that point the Constitution clearly directs that the House of Representatives vote to determine the presidential election. But it does so with each state casting a single ballot. If the current numbers hold, there would be 26 state delegations that are Republican and 23 Democratic with one tied. So the outcome would be to re-elect Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t need to do anything other than to simply accept this outcome which is constitutional.

I love how he says, “ways legal and Constitutional”. As if Trump winning would be unethical.

In typical CNN fashion, they make the victim the bad guy. Trump was CHEATED out of his win on election night. So he fights to get his rightful win, and CNN pretends that he would win on a technicality.

Next, Zakaria is “worried”. He actually says, “Here’s the worry.”. The real worry should be that an illegitimate president who is a certifiable moron would replace the greatest president in modern history. THAT’S the worry! Just not for Leftists.

But it doesn’t end there, as Zakaria acts as if Republicans hatched some evil plan. He added:

Democratic governors or secretaries of state could send their own slates of electors to Washington. That would add to the confusion; but that might well be part of the Republican plan.

Put another way, Democrats continuing their FRAUD to get Biden elected would be part of the Republicans’ plan. Seriously?

Democrats cheated. They know this. Yet they continue to play this game, which is not a game at all. The Republic is truly at stake.

Still, Democrats have assessed their chances. And they no longer like the odds. It’s time that Republicans start fighting as dirty as their counterpart to ensure that Trump gets his rightful second term.

Moreover, heads MUST fall. Bodies must lay in the wake of this attempted coup. And the corpses must remain in clear view for all to see. Leftist America must fear any future attempts to try something like this ever again.



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